Picture Parade Four Hundred and Sixty-One

Just a change for today! A fabulous change!



Tinker on the Beach


Tinker and Lucy


Tinker and Lucy playing




Princess sharing her bed with Smokey the cat.




Princess in her new bed.

I can’t put it better than the email that I received recently from Chris. Here it is:

Hi Paul

Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you had a far better one than the last time I celebrated with American friends when I lived in Indonesia. We ended up having to evacuate the house (including the deputy US ambassador) as the kitchen caught fire!

It’s been a bit of a journey writing the post as so many adventures with the dogs came back to me. In the end I focussed on the first one Princess and the latest Tinker. I hope it’s OK. Let me know if not, as I can always rewrite it. There are so many other dogs I could have mentioned which is the scary thing! Still, the copy is attached and I’m sending photos using WeTransfer.com. They’ll send you an email with a link to download the pics. It’s totally safe and free (It’s been a godsend for designing book covers as it stops emails getting clogged up). I’ve put far too many pics in there so please feel free to use the ones you like and discard others.

Thank you so much for letting me do this post. It’s been quite emotional, but put a huge smile on my face all week.

Best wishes


14 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Sixty-One

    1. Jackie, and Chris, tell me a little more about your book covers? Such as who you use and any other useful information? (I’m getting to point where I require a cover designer for my third book and curious about who other authors are using.)

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      1. I used a lovely lady called Debbie for covers and formatting of my last 6 books, but sadly, she has now retired, so I am seeking another cover designer myself!
        I bought a discounted cover from 100 covers. I haven’t used it yet, but I know other authors who have used this company, and they say that, so long as you are clear with your concept, they are pretty good. The covers look good on the website. https://100covers.com/
        A fellow author, Coleen M. Chesebro also runs Unicorn Cats Publishing and offers very reasonable cover design and formatting as a way to assist other independent authors. https://colleenmchesebro.com/my-services/
        I have approached a couple of other designers, but they said they can’t help me for specifically what I want, because they don’t do graphic design. They were all significantly more expensive than the two options above, as was my lovely lady Debbie, although I was delighted with her results and am gutted we can’t work together in the future.
        Let me know how you get on and if you have any hot recommendations, please let me know!

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      2. I’m very fortunate at the moment as I have a close friend who does them for me for free. He used to live next door to me and also looked after the stray dogs and cats. I am in the process of putting a list together at the moment for future use which i’ll share in a few weeks. One worth looking at that might be able to help is swspublishing.com. They’re based in Norfolk and specialise in everything self-publishing. They’ll help with anything you need and tailor things around you. I’d also look at things like atticus.io for internal layouts.

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      3. Thanks Chris, I will include those links in my research. Plus, I, too, am fortunate in that the person who does my editing doesn’t charge me.


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