How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Some advice from The Dodo.

There are many things we just take for granted including, if I may say, celebrating a birthday for our dog. Now I’ve no way to check with readers if what I just said is correct; it is an assumption.

Earlier in the year, July to be exact, The Dodo published ideas that might be useful for you. Here they are:


7 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

For the absolute best birthday (or adoption day) ever 🥳

By Lauren Taylor

Published on the 28th July, 2021


There are lots of ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday. But different dogs might like to celebrate in different ways depending on their personality — some dogs are more social, and others might just want to spend the day lounging around.

With all the different ways to celebrate and all the different dogs out there, it might be hard for you to decide what to do to give your dog the best birthday.

To help you decide, The Dodo made a list of seven fun ideas for ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Dog birthday party ideas

Throw a dog party

Invite all your dog’s friends to his birthday party! To make sure everyone’s included, send out invites like this one. You can personalize the template and add whatever you want to say to the front!

You’ll need some decorations for the party, too, so get this banner of your dog’s face! Just send in a pic of your dog, and you’ll get this banner to hang your pup’s face all over your house.

Give your dog’s guests some party favors before they go. Fill up these paw print party bags with little treats or toys to say thanks for coming. They come in a set of 20, so you’ll have plenty to go around.

Have a pool party

If your dog’s birthday is in the summer, let him cool off by taking a dip in the pool! This doggie poolcomes in multiple sizes and doesn’t need to be inflated, so it’s super easy to set up. 

Make sure you get a life jacket and doggy sunscreen to keep your pup safe in the water while having fun!

Dress up your dog

Obviously your dog will need a cool outfit for his party. Get him this Birthday Boy (or Birthday Girl) shirt that comes in multiple sizes and keeps your dog warm enough to wear on outdoor walks.

Get this birthday crown to complete the look. It’s sparkly gold with pom poms on top and has a chin strap, so it will stay put all day long (or as long as your dog will keep it on). 

Have a photo booth

Set up a photo booth with props! These birthday-themed props will let you take lots of Instagram-worthy pictures with your dog. There are glasses, balloons, cake and hats, so you’ll have a lot of options. 

Make pupcakes

Make homemade pupcakes for your pup with this dog cake mix. The recipe is all-natural and peanut butter flavored, comes with an icing mix and can be made in either the oven or microwave for easy baking. 

Spend time with your dog

Spend quality time with your dog and give him some exercise by taking him on a long walk. You can still dress your pup up for his birthday walk with a fun harness and leash combo like this mix-and-match one that earned The Dodo’s Paw of Approval. The harness is adjustable, and there are tons of different colors. It also comes with a cute poop bag carrier to make cleaning up after your pup a little more fun.

Take time out of your day just to play with your dog. Whether it’s throwing a ball or playing with a squeaky toy or tug-of-war, your dog will love it. Get him some new toys that he can play with on his birthday too.

Let your dog pick out a gift

Take your pup to a pet store and let him pick out his own gift! You’ll probably be getting him tons of presents, but it’ll be fun for him to pick one out for himself too. Plus, dogs go crazy for all the sights, smells and sounds in pet stores, so it’ll be an adventure.


You should be aware that if you choose to purchase an item from The Dodo website then their statement is applicable:

We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

I think there are some brilliant ideas and, upon reading this article, maybe many fewer people will take it for granted when their dogs have a birthday!

17 thoughts on “How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

  1. As both dogs are rescues with dubious birthday dates, I celebrate “Gotcha Days.” Mostly I give extra attention and often make special pup treats (like a doggie quiche with a photo op for me).


    1. We are the same, Monika, in that 5 of our 6 dogs are ex-rescues and the exact birthdays are unknown. I am afraid we are not very good at celebrating their birthdays!


  2. Spend time with your dog. Give us your time and attention. We don’t recognise birthdays as such, but we do recognise attention, ear tickles and maybe a treat or two in our food bowl. Also we will never turn our nose up at a long walk somewhere different so we can fill our noses with scent.


  3. Sorry if it sounds a little dour. Maybe it’s just me but I never got all that dressing up stuff. As a rescue I needed stability firstly and then I could start enjoying my life. Little beats a good long walk with the scent of deer, squirrel or rabbit in my nose. I/we can fall asleep happily after a walk like that.


    1. Spot on, and I didn’t take your previous comment as dour. Stability is very important and a close second is trust. Trusting those humans around one, trusting the environment, and trusting that one has come really home, at last!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Lovely ideas… Love and attention first to fill the stocking… Good to finally be back in WordPress Paul..
    Have a beautiful Christmas both of you along with all your four and two legged friends ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My sweet little Schatzie loved an occasional tiny vanilla cone from McDonald’s. My mother started this. They were very small and she even ate the cone. So that’s what we did for her birthday and she loved it. I was concerned about her stomach at first but she did well with the small amount. And we would sing to her. She knew it was a special something or other. Gosh, I miss that dog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marlene, that is a lovely story about Schatzie. It is remarkable that certain dogs have a special place in our hearts. It is more than love for dogs, because dogs are loved, full stop. No, it is something more. I feel an emotional connection with our Oliver and he really feels the link. Thank you, Marlene.

      Liked by 2 people

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