Manny, a rescue terrier.

A recent new item in the Daily Courier caught our eye.

Like many who live in this corner of the world we read the Grants Pass Daily Courier. On Wednesday, November 3rd at the bottom of the front page was an article entitled: “A shelter dog for 22 months now, Manny continues on comeback trail

It was a story of a wheaten terrier found in January 2020 abandoned, suffering from wounds both old and new, and the Rogue Valley Humane Society (RVHS) took him in.

Margaret Varner, executive director of RVHS, who helped Manny said that he: “He came in with so many wounds”.

Manny eventually went to an animal trainer near Eugene, Roman Gottfried.

I have chosen to republish an article that appeared on the RVHS website about Roman Gottfried and Manny. Here it is.


Training Sessions Can Make A Big Difference

Roman Gottfried, our trainer from Holistic Dog Traning, recently hosted another training session with Manny and Noodles. Manny is about 4 years old, loves people, likes to keep busy and is crazy about water! He has had an incredibly difficult past but that hasn’t stopped his zest for life. He’s been moving forward throughout his healing process both physically and emotionally. Our team works daily to provide the stimulation he needs and love he craves.

Manny is still waiting for his forever family

Noodle has since been adopted, but during his stay we learned he had some separation anxiety. His owner named him Noodle because of how he just melts when he is shown affection. When Roman worked with him he helped us determine that Noodle was able to get along well with young children, other dogs and farm animals. Noodle hadn’t had interactions with cats so we couldn’t say how he felt about them, but during his work with Roman we saw he had a lot of energy and absolutely loved his people. Noodle’s previous owners wanted to make sure we knew his perfect home would be with someone who could be with him most of the day, and that is the kind of forever family he found. Soon after getting adopted he began enjoying hikes with his new family and loving it.

Noodles has found his forever family!

During his Q and A that same afternoon, Roman answered common questions from dog owners such as what to do if your dog has separation anxiety, resource guarding or excessive barking issues. Owners wrote in their dog’s behaviors in the live session comments and Roman was able to respond with helpful advice.


Back to the Courier.

The last two paragraphs of the story are as follows:

And watching him last week, one could see that “calm” is now part of Manny’s behavioural menu. This is an exceptional dog,” Gottfried said, “I’ve worked with a lot of weirdos. This one is a keeper.”

Please can someone soon be Manny’s forever family home. Anyone interested in having Manny please call RVHS on 541-479-5154.

Rogue Valley Humane Society

429 NW Scenic Drive
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday
12 pm – 4 pm

12 thoughts on “Manny, a rescue terrier.

      1. We have at last had a fair bit of rain, some two inches already in November, same amount in October. But I fear for more fire smoke and potentially worse next summer. But we are OK, that’s for sure. How about your good self?

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      2. Still a little bent after loosing both Boris and Jungles in a matter of weeks. Miss them dearly, but otherwise fine. Have 2 more patients now: Bela is going in for a large operation next Thursday (to remove three cancers), and Coon (our second youngest cat) has gone blind. Happened overnight. Glaucoma in one eye (which is now completely lost), and a cataract (which we didn’t even know was there) in the other. The second eye can be saved, and he’s teed up for an operation, but he needs weeks of preparatory work first.


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