Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety

That total lunar eclipse!

This stunning photograph was taken by Roger Barnett who describes himself as a former semi-pro ski photographer now shooting wildlife, landscapes and astro….. Retired, mostly..arborist/tree service owner.

It is republished with Roger’s permission.

It was seen on the blog site Ugly Hedgehog and I also include this text from ‘kenpic’:

Often called the “flower moon,” the May full moon is nearly upon us. Earth’s nearest neighbor will reach the full stage early May 26, meaning it will appear full both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The moon’s closest monthly approach to Earth happens at the same time, making the flower moon a supermoon, as well.

For early risers, there’s another astronomical treat in store: This year’s only total lunar eclipse happens in the hours before sunrise May 26. When Earth’s shadow begins to cover it, Luna often takes on a reddish tint, leading to the name “blood moon” for those rare times when a lunar eclipse aligns with a full moon.

Plus, two photographs to close with. Firstly, this image from Unsplash!

landscape photo of mountains under starry sky at nighttime

We live on a very beautiful planet.

Lastly, this photograph of a dog howling at the moon. Taken from DogWalls! (And hopefully I’m alright with the copyright!)

What a fantastic image!

11 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety

      1. It’s OK, I forgive you. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I just hope that, one day, I get to be as old and forgetful as you are 😉


      2. I know you put a smiley after your statement but in all seriousness it’s a bit of a hassle. There are plenty of people of my age and older who have a much better memory. Thank goodness it doesn’t extend to my vocabulary that especially in my book writings is pretty good.


      3. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling, Paul. I recommend that you try the ‘Elevate’ app — and/or take up learning Klingon, as I’ve been doing recently? It’s my belief that a few minutes metal exercise a day can stave off the effects of decline.

        I will vouch for your skills as a wordsmith!


      4. I think I use my head a lot each day but a biking accident a few years ago knocked me unconscious for a few minutes. I mention this in connection with your post of today. But I will look into that application later when I am at my desk. Thanks for the recommendation, Mr P.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Further research suggested that in a double blind study there were no cognitive benefits in using Elevate. I can send you the link if you wish.


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