Happy Birthday Jeannie

It is Jean’s birthday today.

This photograph was taken on the 8th January, 2008. Jean and I had met for the first time late in 2007.

It was close by in San Carlos, Mexico. Jean then lived in San Carlos!

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jeannie

    1. Margaret, you may see this reply before the end of your day. Jeannie is delighted to hear from you this day and thanks you for your kind wishes. Love ❤️ from her and from me. Thank you!


  1. Wish her a happy belated birthday from me as well. Hope she is doing well and enjoyed her special day. Birthdays are great occasions to celebrate on a large scale.


  2. A belated Happy Birthday Jeanie… I remember on Pauls blog when he was about to move out to USA…. How time has flown… 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful day full of happy memories to last another year 🙂


    1. Oh gracious, Sue. Have you been reading the blog for all that time! We moved to the USA (Az) from Mexico and were married in 2010. Then we came up to Oregon in 2012. How the time has flown indeed!

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