This is perfect news about a dog – again!

An Australian Koolie dog makes global news.

From the BBC News website.

An Australian Koolie dog who was abandoned by his family has been rescued and retrained to detect koalas.

Bear has been following the aftermath of Australia’s bushfires since January, finding sick, injured or starving koalas that otherwise would have perished. He has now found more than 100.

Produced and edited by Isabelle Rodd

This is a delightful news story and a change from the more ‘normal’ news that we get.

Well done all concerned!

11 thoughts on “This is perfect news about a dog – again!

  1. Some dogs just need a job. They are happiest when doing something useful. Loved hearing that they are still working to save those beautiful creatures but the Koalas need food and habitat too. It’s time we all change our ways.


    1. Oh Marlene, you touch on a subject that I find so difficult; changing our ways! It is an enormous topic that impacts us and the world hugely. There are times when I think it’s too late and there are times when I think the very young will have no option other than to look after the planet, and in the process themselves.

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