How are these present times affecting pet owners?

A timely post on pets and COVID-19

I have chosen up to now to leave the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic to others to write about.

However, the following article published by Mother Nature Network on April 1st seemed relevant to the many hundreds who read this blog and have pets.


Removed because of an alleged copyright infringement.


Mother Nature Network are pretty good in terms of the accuracy of their work so, on balance, you can regard this information as legitimate .

These are very strange times for millions of us spread all over the place.

It will eventually be behind us and I, for one, can’t see it come too soon!

5 thoughts on “How are these present times affecting pet owners?

  1. Since my job is isolated there hasn’t been any change to my routine with Mags. We walk & its business as usual. I guess we are fortunate in that respect. Of course, we maintain social distance, etc.


    1. We live in a very rural neighborhood so apart from shopping once a week we stay on our property. The food store strictly limit the number of customers in the store as well. But overall, Susan, it is a very strange time. Very strange indeed! Thank goodness there is a string of jobs to do here.

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