July 4th!

A cool idea from Austin.

I was at the Club NorthWest yesterday wearing my ‘U.S.’ shorts and Piper Cub T-shirt, something that I exercise in regularly, and Austin, my trainer, said why don’t you wear them tomorrow.

But then I couldn’t put a photograph in a post that came out at midnight, Oregon summer time, so I busied myself with a camera yesterday afternoon.

Here are the results!

And one to show the colours of the shorts a little better.

Well that’s all from me for today.

Happy July 4th!

16 thoughts on “July 4th!

    Love the outfit Paul.
    Warm wishes from Margaret in Tasmania, Australia 🇦🇺


  2. Happy 4th July 🇺🇸 I see that you are wearing the flag!
    Hope you and Jeanie have a lovely day.❤️
    Piper Cub? Isn’t that an aeroplane? 🛩️


    1. I am indeed, Colette, wearing the flag! Thank you for your kind wishes. The same to you!

      And, yes, that is a Piper Cub aircraft. I used to fly one back in England. The registration was R-151.

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      1. We are doing very well, thank you. For my sake, I love what I am eating and really look forward to meal times. I’m sure Jeannie feels the same way.


      2. Me too. It is a great feeling to feel well, and yes, I look forward to my food. Vegan whole plant food also stops me eating junk. Sugar cravings, salt cravings, caffeine cravings have gone too, and I wasn’t even trying.
        Glad you are both well. Enjoy the rest of your 4th July Celebrations. 🤗


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