The Dog – On BBC Radio 4

This should be available to you wherever you are in the world!

I am indebted to Neil back in Devon who gave me the ‘heads up’ to the latest episode from the BBC Natural Histories Unit.

The link to the programme, that was broadcast by the Radio 4 station at 11:00 UK time yesterday, is here:

When you go to that link you will see this:


Natural Histories

Dogs have changed us and we’ve changed them. Brett Westwood visits Battersea to meet the animals whose history is most inextricably linked with our own. And in the process very nearly loses a furry microphone cover to an enthusiastic lurcher named Trevor (pictured above)… As the first domestic animals, dogs made it possible for humans to spread into the areas of the world that they did, to eat more protein and to take up activities from hunting to sledding. But it was only in the Victorian period that the dogs we know today were “invented”, by breeding. And throughout all of this dogs have also been changing human lives as companions.
Producer Beth O’Dea
Taking part:
Professor Greger Larson, Director Palaeogenomics & Bio-Archaeology Research Network, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford
Dr John Bradshaw, anthrozoologist and author of In Defence of Dogs and The Animals Among Us
Susan McHugh, Professor of English at the University of New England
Naomi Sykes, Lawrence Professor of Archaeology at the University of Exeter
Julie-Marie Strange, Professor of British History at the University of Manchester
Dr Krithika Srinivasan, Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Edinburgh.

The item is 28 minutes long and for all dog lovers is precious listening!

So click on the ‘Listen Now’ button!

Trust me, you will be surprised at some of the findings covered in this most interesting programme.

Many thanks, Neil!

UPDATE 3pm (PDT) on the 5th.

I am going to leave this post up for the rest of this week. Firstly, because I would like as many of you as possible to listen to it and, lastly, until our local Hugo Road fire is 100% contained I can’t really focus on blogging stuff.

13 thoughts on “The Dog – On BBC Radio 4

  1. Absolutely wonderful radio program. I very much agree with what they said. I have had pedigree and “mutts” all my life and I myself prefer the “mutts”. And of those I generally chose between the labs and the hounds. Mutts seem to have less health problems. Mimi is a rescue and I have to steel my self if I go near a shelter as I would bring them all home. The need for shelters makes me very sad. Thank you for sharing this program.


    1. You will find it fascinating; guaranteed! Yes, up to 67% containment and, touch wood, we should be safe at this distance. Indeed, hopefully everybody else on Hugo Road will be safe now!

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    1. Sue, trust me, it really does offer some very interesting information about the history of our wonderful dogs. Such as dogs have been determined as the most morphologically flexible species ever. Think our little Pedy and our dear, loving Brandy. One weighing in at 18 lbs and the other 150 lbs: both the same genus!

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