A snowy Dartmouth, South-West England

More photographs from Neil Kelly.

(plus a few of my own!)

Couldn’t wait for a future picture parade to share these with you.

They are all of Dartmouth, Devon.





Now here’s a few taken around the home yesterday morning.





Before we know it, it will be summer and all of this will be forgotten!

10 thoughts on “A snowy Dartmouth, South-West England

    1. You can probably understand how Jean and I, within 2 hours of first seeing the property, had agreed a deal, in principle, with the seller. We love it here even taking into account the fact that it’s a property that does take a lot to look after.

      Plus, tomorrow’s picture parade offers more photographs of where we live.


  1. HOW lovely those photos of snow in Oregon are. Your big furry dogs must be overjoyed to play in it. California mountains have, at last, begun to receive the blessings of snow. I hope this trend continues because we had to start our drip system to keep our roses, perennials and trees alive.

    My best to you & family, Deborah


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