Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-Three

Closer to home!

In a reply to a post response left by fellow blogger Tails Around the Ranch I wrote:

Came up to Oregon for the rain, found a property that had been empty for years, Bank owned, put in a silly offer that was accepted, sold our Payson home and moved here, with 12 dogs and 6 cats, in October, 2012! Love the place. Will share some pictures of here next Sunday!

So today I am sharing a few pictures with you all. (All of them taken very recently.)

Mount Sexton just to the North-East of us. Take Feb. 24th.


Another, more starker, Mt. Sexton taken two days later.


Smoke from our neighbour’s wood fire mingles in the damp air of the trees in the corner of our property. Taken March 1st.


Rain-laden clouds almost mask Mt. Sexton. Taken March 1st.


The deer that we feed each morning have made their own trail. March 1st.


The deer trail to the area by the stables where the food is put out each morning. March 1st.


Young, dear Oliver playing in that deer trail. March 1st.


The rain drops on these pine needles caught my eye. March 1st.


Not just deer that coming feeding on our property. March 1st.


Another scene that caught my eye. March 1st.


Final picture showed how the storm deteriorated during that first day of March. Taken at 2pm.

So this is why Jeannie and me and all our dogs, not to mention the horses, love living here.

16 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-Three

  1. These pix are all beautiful. Mt. Sexton is breathtaking. I used to live in a similar type area in Maryland. Very rural. We had deer, etc. The reservoir was nearby so we could hike. Merlin is amazing.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes, it’s a rare day when I don’t cast my eyes up and across to Mt. Sexton several times. As was done in the last five minutes as I came back in through the bedroom door that opens on to the deck. I had been across to the stables to feed the horses and deer; there were seven deer waiting for me today! One feels very connected to the outdoors here!

    1. We have a couple of small stores, Dollar General and Ray’s, close to the I5 exit about 7 miles from home. Then the city of Grants Pass, around 38,000 population, is another 5 miles, in other words 12 miles from home. G.P. is our main place for most things including doctor, dentist and hospital.

      1. That sounds very workable, with some planning! I would say that the “Gods” were looking out for you when you saw that property and put your offer in! 🙂

      2. Certainly the “fickle finger of fate” was in our favour! The property had been empty for about four years, the previous owner having gone into default over the mortgage and been ‘asked’ to leave! The bank were asking $350,000 for it and we did the deal at $271,000 cash! Never doubted that that was a good deal for us since we moved in back in October, 2012.

  2. Thanks for sharing a peek at your property! Beautiful!
    You have a gift for taking photos Paul. Some very nice pics here!
    (I stole a copy of the shot with pine needles/water droplets. Hope that’s OK.
    If it’s not, please reply here and I will delete it.)
    Warm Regards,
    Paul K.

    1. Thank you. That means a lot. For very slowly I am becoming more accustomed to using my Nikon D750 camera. Initially it came across as such a complicated camera that I was nervous at using it. But slowly I am getting used to it. In no question thanks to the Ugly Hedgehog photography forum!

  3. Oh Paul…it’s all so beautiful, no wonder you love it. Looks like you’ve totally gotten the hang of the new camera. Well done, mate. And thank you for the shout-out, it was very kind of you.

    1. Well despite there being well over 3,000 followers of this place, that I find beggars belief!!, the relationships that have been built up between me and you, and so many others, feel like a very sympathetic community. So there!! 😉

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