28 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-Two

  1. Take those darn shoes off that dog!!! (don’t get me started on the rest of the outfit). Not OK to dress dogs like babies, in my opinion. I like the blue tit photo, by the way.


    1. The blue tit photo is my favourite of these, too; the others are amazing, but that one is inspired. How on Earth did Graham manage to get the bird to do that? Seeds on the ledge of the mirror, maybe? It has to be more than simply ‘right place, right time’….

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      1. May be just always has his camera with him. I wonder whether blue tits are particularly feisty around breeding season? I always thought it was robins that were aggressive (sweet though they look, those red chests are a warning – keep away!)


      2. I will try and contact Graham and, if accomplished, will seek the background details. However, I have it mind that Graham wasn’t the original photographer in most if not all of the photos.

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    2. No Emma, that’s not ok to dress a dog like a baby. I totally agree! But I have to put a jacket on my dog in wintertime, otherwise she will become ill and does’t want to go outside. She is a mix Italian greyhound. Very skinny, no fat what so ever. So yes, I agree with you about the shoes, the stupid glasses, but I hope you will have some understanding for dogs like greyhounds with dog jackets during the winter time 🙂
      Lots of love, Marta en Viva (the doggie)

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