Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-One

The penultimate set of photos that came via Graham.






The last set of these breath-taking images in a week’s time.

You all take care of yourselves out there!

20 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Thirty-One

    1. Oh, don’t you identify the key issue of our times! Yes, Nature can be cruel but nonetheless there is so, so much that is “amazing and inspiring”! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  1. I’m quite far behind but glad I caught these this morning. A good way to start the new week. The second photo of the kits was amazing though I’m not sure I know what they are exactly.

  2. Serious cuteness Paul ❣️
    Don and I did the bird watching survey. What fun it was … and brought much more awareness into what’s going on around our feeders these days. Thank for the link!

    1. Oh I am so pleased to hear that you found the survey both interesting and educational. For my sins, it only dawned on me this afternoon that Jean and I had completely overlooked it! Duh!!

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