The power of good food!

Connections: connections!

In my recent post Diet is so crucial to good health, published on the 11th January I opened it thus:

Sometime over the next few days I will write a post about an amazing connection that Jean made, via Richard in England, with Colin Potter. He is the founder of the site Fight Parkinson’s.

It is mentioned as an introduction to today’s post because Colin stresses the critical importance of the right diet for us humans.

Richard lives with his good lady, Julie, in Minety, a village in North Wiltshire. He and I go back many, many years and we have been close friends from the day that we first met. Richard was diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s Disease (PD) the same year and month as my Jeannie: December, 2015.

Last New Year’s Eve Richard and Julie were at a local party and the subject of PD came up. Richard subsequently told me that he was speaking to a fellow party guest who said that he was, in turn, an acquaintance of a Colin Potter. He went to add that Colin had also been diagnosed with PD but had decided not to ‘give in’ to the diagnosis but undertake comprehensive research into the causes and whether it was possible to go into remission. He later launched a website Fight Parkinsons.

This is Colin’s video that appears on the home page of Fight Parkinson’s.

Here’s some more of what Colin writes about on his website.

Parkinson’s RecoveryThis is where you find the answers to the causes of Parkinson’s and the actions you can take which may bring about a recovery.

There are actions that I’ve taken which have required guidance from a doctor (of Functional Medicine) or special practitioner. Other steps, such as changing to a better diet, I have done independently based upon my research.

Nowadays, there are so many ways that we fall foul of nature and the kind of life we are built to lead. Industrialisation and technology expose our bodies to so much stress and toxic substances, it’s no wonder that chronic disease arises. It also means that there are many things to put right.

This has been a journey of learning over several years and, with subsequent knowledge, there are some things I did at the start that I would do differently now. Nevertheless, I did them and can’t turn the clock back.

I share this with you because the chances are that you know someone who knows someone with PD. The information on the Fight Parkinson’s website is too important not to be shared as far and wide as possible.

The subscription price for signing up to all the information is just $5/GBP3.60 per month. Both Jeannie and Richard are subscribers.

23 thoughts on “The power of good food!

  1. Thanks for the share, Paul. I totally agree that the proper diet can ward off certain illnesses that may affect a person later on in life. Hope you & Jean are well.


    1. Yes, that’s the key message we are taking from Colin Potter. The critical importance of knowing what one is taking into one’s body, especially bearing in mind that the consequences, good or bad, may not reveal themselves until many years later. Thank you, Susan, for your response.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Without a doubt! Thanks Irene. There’s an interview of Colin that Jeannie and I watched yesterday evening that I will share with you before the end of the week.


  2. Such a worthwhile post Paul. Thank you for the share! I hope that Jeannie and you can find support and inspiration from this work and research. There is hope 💕


  3. That’s some very good information there. I hope you find something that helps Jeannie. I’ve been doing my own research on help for Pulmonary Fibrosis. It was confirmed the week before Christmas. Took the tinsel off my tree for certain. Parkinson’s has been around so long you’d think by now they would have a handle on it and there has been so much money spent on research. Do they not want a cure found? I would love to believe what we eat can change things enough to turn them around. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both. Not getting to as many posts these days but I’m watching and hoping for the best for you both.


    1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your own diagnosis. Do watch a longish interview with Dr. Joel Wallach that will be in tomorrow’s post. It just might offer some hope o you. Big hugs being sent your way.

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      1. Thanks for the heads up and I will definitely do that. Looking everywhere for some hope and help. My sister has the same diagnosis and my mother had it. Everyone gets some form of challenge and it’s how we handle the challenge that says everything about us. I’m assuming you are recovering nicely from your surgery and fall. Have been thinking of you. Will keep Jeannie in my thoughts as well.


  4. Wonderful information Paul and you don’t need me to tell you in my own belief for alternative healing.
    Diet, especially the foods eaten in today’s modern life style are not helping our bodies become healthy. We are indeed what we eat, and I hope that by following the findings here of how Colin over came his Parkinson’s will undoubtedly help Jeannie. You know you both have my well wishes in that dept Paul.
    I helped heal my FMS and Raynauds, All things are Possible.. 🙂


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