Picture Parade Two Hundred and Twenty-Two

Of dogs, and birds, and darlings!

More of Ingo and Friends 3 plus two pics from our anniversary dinner.









And that last photograph seems so perfect a lead-in to my final two for today. Both taken at The Schoolhaus Brewhaus restaurant in Jacksonville, Oregon where we had our anniversary dinner on the 20th.


A beautiful lady looking down on very beautiful wife!

30 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Twenty-Two

  1. Happy Anniversary! 💒💌🍸

    Amazing photos. Lovely to see you and Jean making the most of your reprieve from the accident. Nine lives… Great, and touching photo of your commitment to each other!

    1. Thank you, Colette. I should have made it clearer that our anniversary was last Monday, the 20th. My ‘drop test’ was last Wednesday. But was nodding my head in response to your “Nine lives” phrase. Spot on! Many thanks!

    1. Oh you have captured the essence of Tanja’s photographs perfectly! Well done and a very warm welcome to this place. These photos of Ingo and Friends have been shared over quite a few previous Picture Parades if you want to enjoy more of them.

    1. Thank you, dear friend to Jean and me. Yes, feeling stronger each day but trying hard not to forget that until it has been a week I can’t really consider myself ‘out of the woods’! (But quietly hopeful!)

  2. Ah, Happy -belated- Anniversary, Paul and Jean […a very beautiful wife indeed]! May your lives always be a big warm smile full of love! And, honestly, these two friends, I wonder whether their human parents get to do anything else during their day but watch and photograph them. I wouldn’t! 😉

    1. Welcome back, and thanks for your kind words. I don’t plan to be different just the way it goes, aided and abetted, of course, by all the dear people who follow this place.

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