Healthy dogs!

15 Research Backed Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

In so many walks of life there are so many competing claims as to this or that and trying to get to the truth is so frequently hard work. No more so than understanding the essence of what to do to stay fit and healthy. Yes, I had in mind you and me when I wrote that last sentence but it applies equally as well to our beloved dogs.

So of course I welcomed this email that came to me not that long ago.

Hi Paul,

I’m Mat Coulton (the owner of

I won’t waste your time and get straight to the point, we recently released a kickarse blog post: ’15 Research Backed Health Benefits Of Having A Dog’ AND I was checking out your site and noticed you are linking to an article from on the same topic in your article Pets – Learning from Dogs:
Our guide goes into much more detail. It’s up to date and quotes more trustable sources. It’s littered with cool custom graphics and images. It would be a great addition to your page, and add value to your readers.

Now, of course, Wileypup is a commercial business about which I have no knowledge or experience but that’s no reason not to share Mat’s article. I asked Mat to pen a few words about himself:

Mat Coulton has worked with dogs for just under a decade and is the founder of WileyPup, a doggy lover’s website that provides great tips and advice for paw parents everywhere.

Here is that article.


15 Research Backed Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

Is this fur ball that follows me around like a shadow, constantly looking at me with those puppy dog eyes no matter what age they are, really that healthy for me? Routine situations like leaving them at home is an everyday mini heartbreak.
Don’t even start us on holidays where we try and think of any possible way to bring them with us and instead feel guilty as hell when they give us that aforementioned puppy eyes when we slowly close the door behind us, hearts breaking ever so slightly again.

BUT!!! We all know that’s just because we love them so much! Read on…

[Ed: You will have to go here to go through each of those benefits. Please do for the benefits are comprehensive and well researched.]

It is a popularly held belief that dogs make our lives better, especially if you ask a dog owner! We wanted to take some time to look into this concept a little deeper to see if there is scientific research to support the idea that there are actual health benefits from canine companionship.

What we found was surprising, even to us! We found 15 ways in which research has shown positive health effects from time spent with dogs!

Although much of the research on how pups effect our health has been done in clinical settings with therapy and companion dogs, there is plenty of reason to believe that dog ownership can have positive effects on our health as well (1, 2, 3).

With rising healthcare costs, the positive effects of dogs on our overall health and their role in assisting in the work of healthcare professionals continue to be avid areas of scientific study (4, 5, 6). In this article, we will be breaking down some of that research for you.

We will start by looking at the physical health benefits of dog ownership and companionship followed by a look at their contribution to better mental and emotional health outcomes. Then we will look at the special contribution dogs are making in the quality of life for a variety of special needs populations. Finally, we will look at the larger social impact of canine companions in our lives.


I must say that many, many of you who have dogs in their lives will not be surprised by the findings spelled out by Mat.

14 thoughts on “Healthy dogs!

      1. I use my English very much, but I do also make mistakes, but nothing matters, I learn by these.
        The same for my Spanish, here I just make much more mistakes, but otherwise I will never learn.


      2. At least you are born to speak English Paul 😀
        I was born to speak Danish, but learned some other languages by the years and mostly only remember these, when I use them often.


  1. You know this is weird: I went to see a lady today about a refrigerator 😉 She had the sweetest little girl pup named Ruby – mellow little tyke, some kind of hound mix. Oh, my! So different from our rambunctious and super focused, intelligent Aussie/Heeler boy dog! I was whining a little about how much energy (at 64 yrs old) it takes to keep him entertained. She asked what was I going to do about him? As though I would simply return him to the store (we didn’t buy him at a store, but you get my meaning).. Now she’s a sweet lady, and I don’t want to disparage her. But I had to say we don’t take our dogs lightly – they are lifetime commitments, for as long as they live. If their personalities are challenging, well, that’s in the bargain. And he’s such an amazing spirit – we love him so much. And yes, he’s just 6 months old, will mellow a bit with time. I’m sorry sometimes that he’s a working breed and we don’t have 100 acres and cattle for him to round up all day long. But he will adjust – as will we!


      1. She seemed to accept it all right. Sure, I was pretty clear. So strange though that people think that dogs are like batteries or kitchenware. Don’t like them, or they’re bad? Take them back. Sigh.


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