16 thoughts on “Flooring Saga Day Four

  1. I looked up the photographer last week. She is German and she and her partner take these incredible pics. Her name which I think I saw somewhere on your blog is Tanja Brandt. The dog is now deceased but have no idea when he died. There is a collage of her photos in a revolving and moving slide show.

    The light in the photos, I think, is one thing that helps make Brandt’s photos so unique. It is unlike any lighting that I’ve seen. Maybe it’s the dog and the owl thing and it’s just my imagination.

    The owls and hawks are very well kept in special enclosures. There are more birds of prey in Brandt’s other photos. They are trained to fly to return to the handler. It is quite interesting.

    I found her per Google. I was going to include web address but forgot about that last week due to many un-expected happenings that demanded my attention. Folks might want to see her web address. I was thinking of trying to put on mine just don’t know if there are restrictions of her work until I try.

    Just so you know, I am not trying to compete with your blog. I began blogging for my daughter in Fall of 2010. It was her web site – “Vet to Pets.” When she became ill. I began my own blog but many things that I had written did not transfer and those things were lost, including comments. Subsequently, I have not been able to post many things that sit in draft because of family circumstances beyond my control. But so much for too much information.


    1. Yvonne, this is not too much information far from it. Indeed, it is your openness, as with others in this place, that makes my blogging experience so precious. We are all travelers in one form or another and sharing our life stories via our online world is the right and perfect thing to do.

      I will look up Tanja’s site as soon as our domestic situation returns to normal.

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