Never give up!

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Please forgive the shortness of the introduction. It’s just that Jean and I were out all day and I didn’t sit down to present today’s post for all you good people until 4pm.

Frankly, this is such a wonderful account of caring for dogs that any intro from me would be superfluous!


From Rags to Kisses: Abused Dogs Find Happy Homes in Colorado

By: Laura Burge July 1, 2017

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In December 2014, Animal House Rescue and Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado, found a very special delivery on its doorstep. Three dogs arrived from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, an Oglala Lakota Native American reservation.

One of the poorest communities in the country, the reservation has an overabundance of unwanted pets facing the risk of disease, starvation, exposure to the elements and, unfortunately, violence.

After a five-hour drive, DeeDee, Prince and Maizy made the first step to finding new and happy lives.

DeeDee was originally discovered living in the trash dump on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where she made her home upon an old discarded sofa atop a pile of tires. A local rescuer, aware of her plight, spent a week slowly gaining DeeDee’s trust with food.

Once the understandably nervous dog allowed the rescuer to get close enough to her, she found herself on a leash and then in a car. Little did DeeDee know she was on her long way home.

DeeDee spent some time in foster care in South Dakota, recovering from mange and learning to trust again before she was transferred to Animal House to give her a better chance of finding her future family. It didn’t take long for them to find each other, with DeeDee’s charming and playful nature quickly winning over their hearts.

Prince, a 2-year-old shepherd mix, had been found covered in matted fur and burrs. He showed up at Animal House having been shaved, but full of affection.

When Prince arrived, they noticed that there was a problem with his back leg and quickly got him in for x-rays. The cause became quickly apparent, and horrible: Prince had been shot on the reservation. The bullet had travelled through his rear hip and shattered his femoral head.

Not knowing how long he had been suffering through the pain of his injury, the staff at Animal House was anxious for Prince to find relief as quickly as possible. He was sent to CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a femoral head osteotomy, a surgery that alleviated his pain and allowed him to keep his rear leg.

Thankfully, his lovable nature showed through. Prince was able to recover in comfort and bask in newfound love, as he went to his new home shortly after surgery.

Maizy was a beautiful 8-month-old Husky mix puppy with eyes that melted hearts. Whatever happened to Maizy on the reservation, something that will remain a mystery, she came to Animal House in a lot of pain.

Maizy had several neurological symptoms and pain in her neck. After x-rays, the shelter soon found that the puppy had a fractured cervical vertebra, which was causing compression on her spinal cord. This could have been catastrophic for Maizy, but she’s a fighter.

Maizy’s foster family dedicated their time to bringing her to CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for regular bandaging and casting to keep her spine in place. Her beautiful face and wonderful personality through all of this ended up winning the heart of an Animal House volunteer. Having made a full recovery and a lifelong connection, Maizy now lives happily in her loving forever home.

Adoption Highlight: Special Needs Dogs

These adorable special needs dogs are still waiting to find their way to new homes.

Banjo is a 6-year-old pit bull terrier mix who had a rough start to life, facing his many challenges with a great attitude. He arrived at Animal House with skin issues related to allergies, worn down teeth and scarring on his body, as well as kidney disease. Banjo gives the best hugs and thinks he is a lap dog, so he would make an excellent snuggle buddy.

Bella is a 2-year-old shih tzu mix who arrived at Animal House after her former sanctuary had to close its doors. Bella has a love for life and gets along well with other dogs and cats. She does struggle in some areas, though, specifically with constipation and some house-training. Bella is looking for a patient and kind forever home willing to help her live comfortably with her condition.

Ghost is a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who is sensitive, intelligent, and inquisitive. He is nervous about new people and environments and needs a home that can build his confidence so that he can be happy and comfortable in a variety of situations. Ghost just wants some good old-fashioned love and patience!

You can find out more about these adoptable dogs here.

Photo credits: Animal House Rescue and Grooming, Colorado


Whatever the state of the world, as long as there are organisations and people who will love and care for animals in need then I will be at peace.

22 thoughts on “Never give up!

  1. Unfortunately, after living in Arizona for a few years like you, Paul, I am all too aware of the conditions on the reservations. So glad to hear that the pets are on their way to better lives!


  2. I’m so glad that you and Jean are caring people. It’s great to see you post the pics of these animals that have suffered so much and are now in need of a loving home. Every one of the dogs look to be a winner. Since they are rescues, I think, they give back ten fold because they are forever grateful for being saved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was one of the first things that struck me after meeting Jean some ten years ago now and then subsequently living with dogs in and around the home, the majority of which were ex-rescue dogs. Still that way even today.

      That was the unconditional love that the ex-rescue dogs seemed to bestow on Jean and me and just about every other person who came into the house.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yessss! Could I? Thank you. I would be very proud!! Viva and I go to schools in Belgium to educate about dogs in streets and second chances for them. 💋


  3. My last puppy – Sydnee Pee who was a tri-pod and my present daughter – Isabella (aka as Issi Bee) is an insulin dependent diabetic whose condition has led to cataracts and is now close to being completing blind – are obviously special needs. I love them more than life and can say that I would adopt another in a heart beat. Fortunately I have the means to do so and a partner who is passionate as I am. I believe all animals deserve a chance – regardless of what they are or the issues they may have. To be honest – I wish I could adopt them all……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I can read the passion in your words. We feel the same way and it is only age that has put a stop to us taking on more dogs; we have 6 at present, down from 14. Luckily this is a good dog district!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all! When I first met Jeannie back in 2007 she was living in Mexico and had, I seem to recall 16 dogs. They were in two groups. When we eventually married and came to Oregon the numbers had dropped to 12 dogs, or something like that, and we dropped the group boundaries.

        Living with so many one got to see so many different aspects of the animal and that lent itself to the book. I had already started the blog in 2009.

        And you will have more than one, I promise you!

        Liked by 1 person

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