The ways our dogs speak to the world.

A republication of my post from August, 2016.

I am sharing this with you again because it so nicely complements the posts of the previous two days.

The ways our dogs speak to the world.

First published August 8th, 2016.

Dogs are very vocal creatures.

Anyone who has been close to dogs in their lives knows that they are frequently very vocal creatures. Likewise, anyone who has been close to a dog or two quickly learns to understand the basic emotions being conveyed by a dog’s vocal sounds.

But, nonetheless, there was an item over on the site recently that provided a comprehensive tutorial on listening and interpreting the sounds from our dogs. I wanted to share it with you today.


How to Interpret Your Dog’s Growls

1387750.large By: August 3, 2016

10 thoughts on “The ways our dogs speak to the world.

  1. Glad to hear about Pharoah. I hope he is doing well.
    This was a very interesting article, Paul. I know that Abby growled at the others when she was eating. We made it a point of taking the dogs bowls away from them when they were pups so they wouldn’t get aggressive with food.
    Terrific share!


  2. My husband & I adopted a senior Rottweiler named Sophie Lynn. She would play growl frequently. The first time I experienced this was soon after her introduction to the household and it took me aback until I realized it was play vocalization. She was the most vocal dog we’d had (until our Husky Misha) and would sing with me each evening at bedtime. Unfortunately she developed stomach cancer several years after she came to us but we were very privileged to have had her in our lives.


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