Spring babies!

Just too lovely not to share with you all now.

For the last few weeks we have had a pair of Canada geese on our tiny island in the centre of our lake in the large paddock where our horses graze most days. More accurately, we have had the mother sitting on her clutch of eggs for the last few weeks.

We knew it was getting close to the eggs hatching and several times a day we look out to see if the youngsters have made it out of their nest.

A little over two hours ago, Oregon time, I took the following photographs!

Mum and Dad and what looks like 5 goslings.






Going round the back of the little island. The nest can be seen on the far right-hand side of the photo.



Spring is most definitely Sprung!

10 thoughts on “Spring babies!

  1. Being Canadian I have a particular fondness for those geese 🙂 . Being further north and at the eastern part of Canada, the geese are just now slowly making their way to this part of the globe. I heard their honking a few days ago but couldn’t glimse their famous V formation. Where you live seems so peaceful and welcoming to wildlife.


    1. Yes! We never planned it this way. Just found this property by accident, then owned by a local bank, put in a silly offer, and the bank accepted it!

      The horses keep the grass under control and let nature run with the rest. A lovely comment from you!


  2. How exciting for you to witness that!!! It makes me happy too. Have seen very few of the geese here so far. They usually stop traffic when the rest along the highway up here because everyone stops for them. We don’t mind. What a delight!


    1. Barbara, I love it so much when responses such as your one just in make a wonderful connection between us. Thank you!

      Plus, I can add that when I walked down to the lake a little before 6pm I counted 6 young goslings!


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