The Owner of All Infernal Names.

A republication of my review of John Zande’s book back in October, 2015.

More than a book review,

a whole new way of looking at you and me, and the rest of humanity.

Back on September 16th, I published the post Of paradoxes, and headaches! It included the fact that I was about 20% of the way through John Zande’s book The Owner of All Infernal Names.

John Zande cover_zpsz7wuq9ccOn Tuesday evening of this week, I finished the book and, without doubt, I shall be publishing a review on Amazon books by the end of the week. First, I wanted to share a longer reflection of Zande’s book with all of you dear readers.


One of the many five-star reviews of this book that has been published on the relevant Amazon page opens simply: “This is a beautifully written, terribly uncomfortable book to read.” I couldn’t better that summary. This is, indeed, a beautifully written book. Yet it is also a book that will forever change the way you think about species: Homo sapiens.

Zande offers a powerful argument that, “Following then the Principle of Sufficient Reason, the observer concludes with a level of argued certainty that a Creator must exist.” Then sets out to demonstrate that this Creator, far from being an expression of universal love, is fundamentally an expression of universal suffering. Reminding the reader that, “This world was never good. It was never peaceful, and never without suffering.”

For the first time in my life, Zande’s words had cause for me to reflect on something that, hitherto, had never dawned on me. That if there is a God, why have I, and countless others, assumed that this God be necessarily benevolent. The evidence presented in Zande’s book is comprehensive: that there was an evil origin to the universe and, more directly, that the deep, and growing, suffering of the pinnacle of evolution, us humans, can be traced back to that evil origin. Better than that, frequently the book is almost scientific. And in the best of scientific traditions, Zande adopts the position of a neutral witness.

Whether or not you are relaxed about that previous paragraph, and I suspect many readers will not, it is impossible not to be in awe of the beauty, the power, and the eloquence of Zande’s words. Take this opening paragraph of Zande’s chapter titled A SIGHTLESS CREATION.

It is a basal vagary, a question that screams for attention and if left unresolved – if left problematic – could invalidate all practicalities of a functioning Creation lorded by a maximally wicked Creator: Would sentient, attentive, self-respecting life choose to live in a world underwritten by evil? Could self-aware life endure a thoroughly hopeless reality?

Whether one is a believer in a religious god or not, it will also be impossible not to have one’s deepest emotions and beliefs about the nature of humankind stirred very deeply around. No-one who reads this book will be left unchanged.

If you have ever pondered about the way the world is heading, or more accurately put, about the way that we humans are managing our existence on Planet Earth, then you need to read this book. Period!


So my review of John Zande’s latest book is being published tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “The Owner of All Infernal Names.

  1. Someone else who has been reading your latest book:

    It’s near impossible to comprehend the size of our universe without busting a mental cog or spraining your sense of awe. However, the origins of our universe has exactly the opposite problem: it was once mind-bogglingly small — tinier than a single particle. Physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the principle of inflation, and how within the first billionth of a second of the Big Bang, our universe increased in size by a factor of 10 to the 30th—for comparison, that’s the size of a single atom, to the size of a basketball. How did it do this? It involves a ‘frozen’ Higgs field, some cooling, and then an enormous explosion. Krauss uses an analogy we’ve all been at the mercy of: putting a beer in the freezer and forgetting it for a few too many hours. Lawrence Krauss’ most recent book is The Greatest Story Ever Told — So Far: Why Are We Here?.

    Just seen here:


  2. I haven’t read the book And most likely will not. I find talking and reading about the universe is depressing as hell.

    I will digress here but it sort of ties in. As a youngster made to go to the Methodist church, I never felt happy or at ease in church. I realized when young that something was amiss and that the bible seemed to be filled with fables. I thought that it had been written for the times in an effort to teach folks how to live a better life, that is morally. For me, the bible is a guide and filled with things to scare the hell of folks. The Ten Commandments is really the only thing that is relevant to me. For some odd reason I believe in angels that are guardians. I think these are spirits that live on. As I’ve written before my belief is odd and it is solely mine.

    Mr Zande is a talented and brilliant writer and he deserves much credit for what he has written. I just don’t dig his kind of book. I’m too old to read all that he has written and what I already basically know. Anything too profound boggles my mind and causes me anxiety.


    1. Yvonne, I so love the way that people share their lives here in this place and you are a wonderful example of that! For reasons I don’t really understand, I have always been interested, more in a philosophical manner perhaps, in the universe. Lovely comment from you!

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  3. There is so much about the Universe we do not know or will ever begin to understand.. How any of us can define it is remarkable that we try.. But we try..

    We all of us can only use words.. thoughts, and knowledge of which we perceive to our truth at the time.. And within each passing decade,our knowledge is expanding. And many of us use other peoples thought processes to formulate our own.

    But the whole of the Picture, I think all of us are just scratching the edges. We are mere specs, mortals, with our kindergarten intelligence.. Compared with our ever understanding the whole dynamics of Nature and her natural laws of how we were created, and to what lies in our purposes here..

    You have long understood my own perception Paul.. But again that is but perception.. There are no rights and wrongs in this world if one truly looks at it.. Just experiences.. And around and around we could go on this..
    I am sure that I would find this book of great interest.. As I have read many other Mind blowing books that upset our rational thinking… But then isn’t it good the THINK OUTSIDE the Boxes, we have been taught as Truth..
    Great that this got my grey matter working this afternoon Paul


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