Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Two

The second set of photographs by Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff.

The first set of these stunning photographs was last week. I shall repeat the background to the photographer that was also published a week ago.

Little Kids and Big Dogs

Andy Seliverstoff is a 58-year-old professional photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia. A few years ago some of Seliverstoff’s friends asked him to take photos of their daughter Alice in a park. They had their gigantic Great Dane, Sean, with them, so they decided to incorporate him into the photos. After seeing the results, he knew he was on to something special.

Seliverstoff did another shoot with a child featuring big dogs, and told BuzzFeed News that he was “deeply touched” by the work. That was four years ago and he’s been a dog photographer ever since.

The project has become his passion, which he chronicles in a book called “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.“

All of the photos are taken in St. Petersburg. Its extensive parks and colder climate help create some spectacular shots.

Seliverstoff said the goal of the series wasn’t just to create beautiful pictures, but to capture the interaction between the children and the animals.










Beautiful almost beyond words! These were sent to me by Dordie from next door. Dearest Dordie has sent me another set of stunningly magical photographs that I will be sharing with you from next Sunday for a few weeks.

27 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Two

    1. Yes, I’m here to tell you that feeding is quite a financial commitment not forgetting the odd vet bill from time to time. As in $689 for Casey last Friday! But when it comes to dogs, of all sizes, we wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Paul… I know about Vets Bills. At one point in my life I was just working to pay our Cats Vets Bills.. lol.. But she was worth every penny.. As I know Casey is.. 🙂


  1. Wow 😳 Paul one of the best posts I have seen today, wonderful and beautiful pictures all so well and perfectly portrayed with the sweetest people on earth and their cute little dogs 🐶. Thanks 🙏 so much.


      1. Welcome so much Paul for these kind words and yes pl. keep on doing this. You know it is our Golden retriever’s birthday day after and my daughter has made such a beautiful card and we will be calling all other little cute friends dogs and will have a special birthday cake made for them and make them feel so loved. So can totally love when you send such darling pictures. Do keep up the good work. Thanks.


  2. Third from the last and the last one are my favorites. But they are all impressive. The atmosphere and the poses are simply wonderful. The man is a genius photographer and I’m envious. Wish I had his photographic equipment.


    1. Yes, that last one is just perfect, isn’t it! In fact when I was reviewing the photographs setting up the post on Saturday I rearranged the order in Dordie’s email to make that the last one. It really did encapsulate the theme of little kids and big dogs.

      The photographer, Andy Seliverstoff, is truly a genius.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You really did a grand job of rearranging . Sometimes I think my judgement is off but I go with eye appeal and what grabs the eye the moment you look at a photograph. That is supposed to be how photos are judged in a contest. I’m not a judge but have won several first and second places in pet photography back in the 80’s. I hope one day to get those digitally copied so that I can put them on my blog. Maybe- just maybe. One is a B&W of my dad with his little dog. It won best of show at a fair in 1985, I think it was. 🙂


  3. Nothing like the joy of a big dog! I still want a Deerhound, Wolfhound and a Fila Brasilia. Unfortunately, they don’t have long life spans which makes me sad. These pictures always bring a smile to my face. Thanks, Paul!


  4. Stunning photography! If they don’t make your soul smile nothing will!! My little Chihuahua mix, Max loves and always gravitates to Great Danes and it always looks so comical. Kids and animals are both so pure – love the combo!


    1. Yes, stunningly beautiful photography. We have a Pyrenean Mastiff cross here at home, Brandy, and the smaller dogs have a great relationship with him. You put your finger on why dogs, not exclusively, and children reach out to us: purity of spirit and sweet innocence.

      Lovely to hear from you again.


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