Yet another smile!

This “good news” theme is rather fun!

p1160817Overnight we had more snow, possibly something approaching 4 inches.

p1160820Now the challenge is seeing at what point we can drive out from the property to the main road. But leave that to worry about tomorrow.

It’s well-known that dogs love snow and are very curious about it. As Brandy is demonstrating below.

p1160822Plus the snowy conditions offer me a good introduction to an item recently published on the Care2 site.


Daily Cute: Rescued Pit Bulls Enjoy a Snow Day

These pit bull pals are overjoyed to play in the snow!

See you all tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Yet another smile!

  1. Wow.. Lovely Paul.. Very Wintery weather and Seasonal just after Christmas… It looks very picturesque, getting about through it is a different matter.. Hope you get through to the main road.. 🙂
    Have a Very Happy New Year.. I know said it before.. But… its meant..
    Enjoy some snow ball Fun.. 🙂


  2. Thanks for all the wintery goodness photos, Paul! I am so envious of the snow. My dogs used to love to romp in it. We used to have snowball fights. Thanks for bringing the smiles! 🙂


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