Dogs and holidays

What are the options for taking a vacation with your pet dog.

Regular visitors to this place will recall that exactly one month ago I published a guest post from Paige Johnson. It was called Divorcing One’s Vet and was well-received. I am delighted, therefore, to present the second guest post from Paige.


Rover-Friendly Vacations: What are Your Options?

The love Westerners have for their pets is known across the globe. We dress them, take them everywhere, feed them special foods, and refer to them as our kids. When considering a vacation, it can be difficult to contemplate leaving your fur baby at home or, even worse, trapped in a boarding kennel. The stress of worrying about your pet easily can cut into the relaxation a vacation will offer. Fortunately, there are several options for the doting pet parent. Here are a few ways you can handle vacationing and being a good parent to your pets.

Take Them Along

man-1181873_1280Pet-friendly vacations may be a little more restrictive than vacationing without your furry family member. However, if you are a pet owner who cannot bear the thought of being separated from your pet while on vacation, it may be worth the extra effort to plan a trip to a pet-friendly city like Austin. Traveling within the U.S. is easiest and cheapest for pet parents, particularly if the destination is within driving distance. Although, if you want to travel abroad, it is possible to take your pets with you.

To travel internationally with a pet, you must thoroughly check the country’s guidelines for bringing domesticated animals across the borders. Typically, you will need recent proof of vaccinations along with a pet passport. While certifiably healthy animals can sometimes pass borders unimpeded, many countries will require a quarantine period of 24 hours to several months. It is important to plan well and far in advance for international pet travel. Keep in mind that this option is bound to be more expensive than leaving your pet behind while you vacation.

Find a Pet Boarder or Sitter

A freelance pet walker, sitter, or boarder is far more preferable than boarding your pet in a kennel. Dog sitters give you the option of leaving your pet in the comfort of your own home with personalized attention, or dog boarders give you the option of leaving your pet in their home and ensuring they receive 24-hour care.

Research a Quality Kennel

Basic kennels will sequester your pet in their own small space with little interaction from caretakers or other pets. On the other hand, a quality kennel will be well-staffed, friendly, and ensure that your pet spends more time playing with other dogs than alone in a kennel. While a sitter is preferable, a good kennel certainly is an option, especially if they are centered around social interaction and quality care. Online reviews can be a helpful way to research a suitable boarding facility. It’s important to note that good boarders often will charge a little more than a sitter.

When your child is a dog or a cat, vacationing can become a more difficult and stressful activity than you originally thought. The guilt of leaving a pet at home can impede your ability to enjoy your vacation, particularly if you have to leave him in a kennel. Fortunately, there are better options to put your mind at ease. Whether you decide to plan a pet-friendly vacation or get a freelance pet sitter, you can rest assured that a relaxing, guilt-free vacation is in your future.

Image via Pixabay by msandersmusic


An informative guest post from Paige. Mind you, when one has nine dogs at home I’m not sure realistically just what the options are!

7 thoughts on “Dogs and holidays

  1. We prefer travelling with our furry friends. When we moved cross country we were relieved that there were pet friendly hotels out there! In the past, we have been fortunate to find suitable kennels where our dogs stayed with one another & had cuddle time with the staff. We could even view them via the internet. Great tips from Paige!


      1. In which case my strong recommendation is that you find someone who has nine dogs, who is willing to show you the ropes of looking after so many dogs (and cats, and horses, and hens, and wild deer), who will do it for the love of it but would suggest a small exchange in the form of allowing that person and his wife a short dogless vacation! (Just a theoretical suggestion you understand!) 😉

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  2. I have been thinking of planning a road trip with my dog. Any suggestions of where to travel with dogs in the U.S.?


    1. Firstly, a warm welcome. Secondly, as I implied in the closing paragraph with nine dogs here at home we have practically no experience of traveling with dogs. Lastly, why don’t you draft up a little guest post explaining more about your dogs, what your vacation preferences look like and I will publish that as a new post. Reason being that few readers will see your question here. I’m sure that some of my readers will have some ideas for you.


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