I vote for peace!

My contribution to this day.

(I saw this posted over on Val Boyko’s blogsite the other day and thought how apt it was. It is republished with Val’s kind permission.)


World Peace is Within You

11 thoughts on “I vote for peace!

  1. Hi Paul and greetings from http://www.dogbedcomforter.com, I agree with your philosophy on dogs, we have so much to learn from them, I am a much better man because of what I learned from dogs, they have been an integral part of my life and because of this I have been able to help more and more people that come into my life, The possibilities that a dog opens up for us mere mortals is immense , They are so many people suffering with depression and other mental illnesses that I come into contact with and I have introduced dogs into their lives and that has made a huge difference to their mental health ,because depression I believe robs the person of their very existence and they internalize and close off from those close to them and society but you can change this slide with dogs and I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I will continue to use the power of dogs to help others. Paul I invite you to link to me so that I can share my new project
    bow wow for now


  2. What a perfect post for this day, Paul. I practice yoga daily & learning to breathe is one of the most relaxing things to do. It helps to put everything into perspective.


    1. I envy you that discipline. Always seem to be chasing things to do at this end. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about my life but do know that ‘chilling out’ wouldn’t do me any harm!

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