7 thoughts on “Breathtaking!

  1. I am always amazed when I see huge pictures of our satellite. The plane helped to illustrate the size of the moon very well. Did you shoot this remarkable footage, Paul? Extraordinary!


    1. No, I saw it online somewhere and just wanted to share it with you all.

      Trust me, Susan, you are going to love what’s happening to our moon at the end of the week. Details in a post that I will be publishing on the 11th.

      So love your interest in my scribblings; thank you!

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      1. We live in quite a rural part of Josephine County here in Southern Oregon. There are no lights to disturb the night sky. Whenever I take the dogs out just before we all go to bed and the night sky is clear of cloud or mist, I am mesmerized by the planets and the stars. Just last night there was the Plough (Ursa Major) with the two ‘pointer’ stars in the constellation pointing directly towards the Pole star; the North Star. As you so rightly say the beauty of the universe!

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