The season for keeping cool!

At the dog park, Syd decides to utilize the drinking water for another purpose.

(As seen over on the Care2 blogsite.)

Daily Cute: Dog Finds a Way to Cool Down


Not just your dogs but all you good folks stay cool out there!

13 thoughts on “The season for keeping cool!

      1. Alfey’s just away from home. He’s at my aunt’s but I can hardly meet him except for maybe once in a year. 🙂 Does he miss me as much as I miss him? I hope so.


  1. This week here in the UK with temps reaching those similar to Hawaii 🙂 I could have easily jumped in next doors children’swimming pool to keep cool.. Thank you Paul for sharing.. 🙂


      1. Yes I know as to the heat you refer Paul.. This is why I disconnected from the internet for a while.. And TV and News.. I Can not stand all the political banter on both sides of the Pond. or the repeated coverage of the horrors in the world.. Which is why my modem was turned off all week. And I have been melting instead eating icecream and sitting out long into the evenings watching the flowers grow and the fish in my pond swim 🙂


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