Puppy Rescue

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Nearly One Million Watch Police Rescue Puppy at Home Depot

3183766.large By: Laura S. July 15, 2016

“I’m 15 feet away and I can hear a two pound dog crying,” Great Plains SPCA’s Scott Poore says with frustration dripping in his voice, almost as much as the sweat on his brow in the 90 degree sun. “We’re going on about 45 minutes with this little dog in the back seat of this car.”

Standing in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Merriam, Kansas, Scott films a live stream broadcast that gives Facebook fans real-time access to the situation that every animal lover dreads: a dog locked inside a hot car.

But the circumstances of this particular rescue are even more bizarre than usual. First of all, this Home Depot allows dogs inside the store. Second, the puppy inside the vehicle was extremely young, only weeks old. Third, the woman went inside to shop without even slightly cracking the windows of the vehicle (although that would be of little benefit). Fourth, she actually lost her car keys so she wasn’t able to open the vehicle when she arrived.

“When the lady came out, she was absolutely blown away that anybody had an issue with this,” Scott said. “And that’s pretty typical.”

A misguided sense of affection actually seems to be at the root of most instances of dogs being left in hot cars. People bring the dogs along because they feel that the dogs will be lonely at home, but they don’t take into account the very real threat to the dog’s physical welfare.

According to the local news station, KCTV, the puppy was returned to his “owner” who was issued a citation. Watch the video and decide for yourself if the law enforcement action available to police under the current law will be sufficient to safeguard this puppy from additional neglect.


Words fail me! But well done the police!

20 thoughts on “Puppy Rescue

  1. Hi Paul, This is my particular nightmare and phobia. Years ago I came across a vomiting baby by herself in a hot car (father came back from grocery store just as I and another person were about to smash a window). Then I heard a friend’s graphic account of witnessing a dog in a car and the efforts of people to get it out. ( Bad outcome) This is one reason why I moved to a cooler climate and why, even here, I avoid going anywhere near parking lots during the day in the heat of summer. I reckon I’d have a breakdown (or commit murder ) if I came across it again. People are SO stupid! Good on the Police in this case.

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    1. Isn’t it just.

      Whenever I get into my overheated car, I’m reminded of those who somehow “forget” their children and pets in their cars, or believe that it’s not a big deal, because they’ll be “right back,” demonstrating a complete failure of empathy and reason.

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  2. I have no words. It makes me ill every time read about these incidents. People locking their children/babies and their pets in a vehicle. And to top it off they act offended/ defensive. Can’t imagine anything worse than someone with that attitude. They do not, in my opinion really love what they imprison in a vehicle.


    1. An inability to see the world through the eyes (and soul) of an animal is a type of disconnect with nature. Humans seeing themselves as somehow not part of the natural world. Left unmodified it will ultimately destroy the human species!

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      1. Oh, let’s not tarnish our minds with the thoughts of politics! ☹️

        This year of 2016 is shaping up to be the most unsettling year, both sides of ‘the pond’, in many long years. Perhaps in my lifetime, and I’m a 1944 baby!

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  3. A Happy ending for this little fellow Paul some are not so lucky through the stupidity of people.. Here in the UK a few years ago in a heat wave 2 police dogs were not so lucky as they got left in un-ventilated vehicle I can not remember if any charges were brought or not to the police handler who should have known better..


      1. Yes it is.. I did read up after I left my comment Paul seeing if I could find a date, It was 2011.. The officer was obviously distraught .. as he attempted to take his own life after the incident.. He left them for 6 hours.


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