The ancient roots of the relationship.

The recent news of finding a dog graveyard that is 2,000 years old.

Before going on to today’s post, can I just remind you kind folks that as of today, and for the rest of this week, we have family guests staying with us here in Oregon.

Grandson Morten responding to his mother, Maija, taking a picture of him and Marius, as they wait to board the aircraft for San Francisco yesterday morning.

Thus from tomorrow until the end of the coming weekend my posts will be a preponderance of republications of previous posts. Plus my attention to you dear readers will be less than you are accustomed to.

Now on to today’s post that was kindly sent to me by Chris Gomez. Thanks Chris.


2,000-Year-Old Dog Graveyard Discovered in Siberia

10 thoughts on “The ancient roots of the relationship.

  1. So glad that your family is able to visit. I know it will be a memorable one. The pic of your grandson is too cute. Glad to see the B&W of pic of the man with the dog again. I am very fond of B&W and this photo is precious.


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