Reaching out to the wilderness.

This is where our solace is.

Jean and I are members of the Oregon Wild organisation. As their home page states:

Oregon Wild supporters help us protect and restore our wildlands, wildlife, and waters as an enduring legacy for future generations.

In their last Newsletter (Volume 43, Number 2) there was a heart-breaking item about the killing of a wild wolf. I asked them if I might have permission to republish that and it was promptly granted.

Then early yesterday morning, around 7am, the early morning sunlight picked up two deer, a young stag and a doe, who had come to feed on the molasses cob that we put out twice a day.

I grabbed my camera and went quietly out to where they were feeding. Although both creatures were familiar to Jean and me, and they are not too uncomfortable with us out there putting cob down, this time my different behaviour and especially the cold, dark ‘eye’ of the camera lens made the two deer pretty twitchy.

So I’m putting off the sad eulogy of the shot wolf until tomorrow and offering up the magic of being trusted by these beautiful creatures.

The young stag in the foreground and the doe feeding on the cob both without being freaked out by my presence.
But two further steps towards them by yours truly had them instantly watching me very closely.
Now I’m on the verge of getting too close.
One last photograph grabbed before they disappear into the forest. But what a magnificent, beautiful animal is that young stag!

See you tomorrow and the sad story of wolf OR-4

11 thoughts on “Reaching out to the wilderness.

      1. Tee, hee! Unwittingly I changed the schedule this morning shortly after writing my earlier reply to you. One of our ‘bedroom’ group of dogs was in urgent need of going outside and I thought I would start watering the vegetables at the same time. So out went those seven dogs!

        Next moment Cleo, our second GSD, was tearing across what we call Brandy’s valley chasing three deer that had been eating cob. But the deer easily outran Cleo and were over the fence and out of sight in moments.

        I thought of your comment as I was returning the dogs to the house!

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      2. Again, just back from feeding the horses and the young stag and companion, as pictured above, were waiting for cob. Dogs now inside the house. I fed the two deer and then sat watching them eat just about ten feet away.

        I’m certain all the deer who come on to the property have worked out how this crazy household works! 😉

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