Picture parade one hundred and forty-nine.

More pictures of our local Pet Adoption Event.

I wrote about this last Tuesday under the heading of Helping Hands and warned you that today and next Sunday would be picture parades of that event. For those that didn’t get to read that post here is how it opened:

The PetSmart Pet Adoption Event.

Over the days of the 13th to 15th May, in other words roughly a week-and-a-half ago, a number of pet adoption charities in Northern California and Southern Oregon came together courtesy of PetSmart in Medford, Oregon to find new homes for unadopted dogs and cats.

P1160114I came to hear about this from an email sent to me by Tammy Moore of the organisation Shelter Friends. Tammy also c.c.’d her email to Tana Mason who is Fundraising Coordinator for the charity. Tammy’s email was an invite for me, and Jean, to attend the event on the Saturday as the author of my book.

So, more pictures from the day (and my apologies for not noting names and details of each picture).







P1160133Do hope you can handle a further selection of these event photographs in a week’s time! My motivation is to give everyone concerned a bit of a special focus for they did so well.


8 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and forty-nine.

  1. Hi Paul and Jean.. what a lovely post for my return.. Sorry not been on line, My computer went in for major repairs.. Good to see your book signing is also going well.. Sending you both my love.. Sue


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