Helping hands.

The PetSmart Pet Adoption Event.

Over the days of the 13th to 15th May, in other words roughly a week-and-a-half ago, a number of pet adoption charities in Northern California and Southern Oregon came together courtesy of PetSmart in Medford, Oregon to find new homes for unadopted dogs and cats.

P1160114I came to hear about this from an email sent to me by Tammy Moore of the organisation Shelter Friends. Tammy also c.c.’d her email to Tana Mason who is Fundraising Coordinator for the charity. Tammy’s email was an invite for me, and Jean, to attend the event on the Saturday as the author of my book.

(I would have written about the event before now but many of you will recall that was the weekend when my internet connection was down for a number of days.)

Anyway, that Saturday started off rather damp and grey but all the pet charities had previously been set up for the Friday.

P1160113But soon Jean and I had our own stand all ready for the opening time for the event and we were very grateful for being offered a table position just inside the main entrance door.

P1160117People soon started arriving and all were very friendly.


I shall continue with the photographs of the day over the next two picture parades.

But let me leave you with the results of all the fine people involved, both volunteers and the great staff at PetSmart.

In the words of Tana in answer to my question of how many animals were found homes:

I have the total for all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9 puppies, 9 dogs and 14 cats!

I am not sure if this is a complete list of all the shelters that attended but certainly the following wonderful charities did:

Shelter Friends, Grants Pass, OR
Friends of Animals, Brookings, OR
Goliath Mountain Rescue, Yreka, CA
Rescue Ranch, Yreka, CA
Curry County Animal Shelter, Gold Beach, OR

So many helping hands!


11 thoughts on “Helping hands.

  1. Your table looks great. Very striking. And 32 animals rehomed. Great 🙂

    In other news, Tony in Benissa posted to say the shed had been cleaned up, the dogs are no longer chained, and they have food and fresh water. Let’s hope it stays that way.


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