Rogue Valley TV

Huge thank you to Producer John Letz and the whole crew.

A week ago last Saturday Jean and I travelled down to Ashland and to the studios of Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV). This is how RVTV describe themselves:

Based at the Southern Oregon Digital Media Center, RVTV provides access television and streaming media services for the citizens and local governments of Jackson and Josephine Counties. Please visit for more information.

John Letz, the Producer for Adventures in Education and Ramping Up your English, had read my book and thought it might make a good programme.

I’m both delighted and flattered to say that the programme is now available and published under a Commons Creative Licence. Here it is!

15 thoughts on “Rogue Valley TV

  1. This is excellent, Paul, and I thought you came over really well throughout. The section where you read from the book (so very well) made me wonder if you might do some video clips of you reading as promotional tools, here or elsewhere?


    1. Dear Hariod, that is so lovely of you to offer your feedback. Jean and I only watched the interview for the first time yesterday evening. In terms of your (great) idea of recording videos of me reading from the book they would have to be properly produced for ‘home’ videos would be terrible. Let me ponder on that. Possibly mention it to John Letz.

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      1. I see no reason why home videos would be ‘terrible’, Paul. You can buy 4k Camcorders or 4k movie-quality cameras for c.$400 – I would have thought. And a four-minute clip can be done without editing, so what can go wrong?


    1. John, many thanks for your response. I was a lot more nervous than you can imagine and it all came flooding back when Jeannie and I watched the video last night. Really appreciate your comment! 🙂

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    1. You are very kind and, yes, we count our lucky stars that Pharaoh jogs along; he will be 13 in June. So glad you thought it was a good interview albeit it is too early yet to see the effect on sales. Not quite sure when the program is going to be broadcast.

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  2. Paul congratulations upon this wonderful interview. I am half way through listening and have saved to watch in full later.. I agree entirely with what Hariod says, you come across so very well and at ease in this.. Brilliant.. and I have finished your book by the way..So so enjoyed it.. meant to say a while back..
    Many thanks for sharing this loved it


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