In defence of sovereignty and democracy.

The challenges facing the European Union ripple out across the whole of the free world.

I note that this is the second Friday where there is an abrupt change from the run of posts during the previous few days. For last Friday I republished a George Monbiot article on Rigging the Market and today there is another Monbiot article that I want to share with you; shared with you with the kind permission of Mr. Monbiot.

Unlike last Friday’s Monbiot article that clearly had global implications, at first sight this article about the European Union has no relevance to those of us not living with EU boundaries. But that would be wrong. For the importance of protecting a country’s sovereignty and the democratic processes within that country is supreme across all democratically elected governments.


The Lesser Evil

2 thoughts on “In defence of sovereignty and democracy.

  1. “The draft decisions on these topics are a long series of euphemisms-” That’s putting it lightly. The discourse coming from right is simply deceptive. When Mrs. Merkel says certain countries need to be more “competitive”, what she actually means is the workforce needs to accept lower wages and exploitative working conditions. Exploitation, of course, encourages investment. That’s why major clothing chains produce their wares in Bangladesh and why Apple makes its computers in China.
    When they say “migrant” they actually mean poor people. I’ve only spent three years of my life in the country in which I was born- and interestingly enough, I was never called a migrant. I wasn’t even called an immigrant. Oh no, we’re expats.
    Just imagine the change that would have to happen if the media simply challenged the language politicians use.
    “Are you saying Mr. Cameron, that Britain has a poor person problem? Poor people are draining the resources of schools and the NHS?”
    “So the implication is we ‘should’ be polluting more?”


    1. I agree. Not only is it so much harder to see the truth of how we are governed, we are constantly having our fears exploited. Thank goodness for the courage of reporters such as Monbiot. We need so many more speaking out.

      Great reply from you!


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