A bottomless font of love.

A wonderful story of the love for dogs and cats shown by two people in Brazil.

As is the way in this world of blogging, a few months ago I connected with John Zande. He is an Australian living in Brazil and blogs under the name of The Superstitious Naked Ape. John is also the author of the book The Owner of All Infernal Names, which I reviewed last October (and greatly enjoyed!).

John Zande cover_zpsz7wuq9ccAll the proceeds from the sale of John’s book go towards animal rescue and shelter in Brazil and that offers a strong clue to the purpose of today’s post.

So with that in mind, please read the following post published by John on February 3rd and republished here with John’s permission. (And please make a note to return tomorrow and read the sequel that will explain how you and I can make a positive difference.)


The MaxMello Association for the Support of Animal Life needs an urgent hand

14 thoughts on “A bottomless font of love.

  1. As Zande’s explained, the current exchange rate means donations go a very long way. Keep in mind the minimum wage in Brazil is only around £130 p/month. By skipping one little luxury this month, like going out for a meal today, and sending what one would have spent on that to the shelter, we can all make make a substantial difference to the lives of these animals.
    My suggestion is for people not to just reach for the change they’ve got in the car ashtray, but consider a little, insignificant sacrifice that will do one no harm, but will have a disproportionately positive effect.
    Skip one bottle of champagne, or a bottle of wine, or don’t buy flowers this week… skip any little thing that one doesn’t really *need*, and put that money to good use.


    1. Delighted to have your very wise advice. Thank you, and welcome to this place. Another way of looking at it is if every follower of Learning from Dogs donated just $5, or the equivalent in their local currency, then MaxMello would be gaining close to $8,000 for their precious work. Magnified by the exchange rate!

      So please everyone, do whatever you can! (And read tomorrow’s post!)

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      1. Not yet. We’ve just started the work on another apartment this morning, so yesterday was last minute planning and today checking that everything is going to work as planned 🙂
        I’ll try to get to it later this week.

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      2. Oh, no problem at all. It’s not even necessary, but like we were talking about, just knowing people from across the world are thinking about her and MaxMello would alone be a wonderful gift.

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      1. There are an awful lot of good People in the world.. The media just tells us all about the Bad ones, which seems to then take over our perception that the world is a bad place.. Its not.. Only but a few are who get all the attention..


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