More Dogs and Dolphins

Can’t resist these videos.

I was looking up stories on German Shepherds, a breed we just adore, and quite by chance came across a lovely follow-up to my post last Tuesday Dogs and Dolphins.

Published on Mar 9, 2012

This is a video of a German Shepherd jumping in on some dolphins while we were underway in our boat. I guess he wanted to play with the dolphins lol
Thanks for watching

After that video had come to an end, YouTube then automatically went on to this one:

(The soundtrack quality is poor but, nevertheless, it was been viewed over six million times!)

You all have a great week-end.

11 thoughts on “More Dogs and Dolphins

  1. Hey, Paul and family. I have to share this post. these dolphin & dog videos on Facebook so my family can see them. We have loved being out in the sunshine for walks after wonderful weeks of rain, rain, rain. Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen are covered in snow. We northern Californians celebrate every day of rain and snow.

      1. Thanks Paul. I thought you’d clarify that point. We all must ask and get permission to republish other’s work.

        The one exception rests with attribution of the author along with the name and date of first publication. I do believe that is fair use, as long as quotes stay under 400 words and are used in quotation or indented to show they are not original to the writer quoting.

        Also thanks for including a link to your page. I’m in the process of setting up a similar page.

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