Just in case you missed my previous promotion!

My promotion yesterday of my KAJO interview!

Yes, I know I’m running the risk of being a pain in the arse but …


In just six hours time my interview by Kyle Dunlap of the radio station KAJO will be aired.

Recording the interview on the 23rd October.
Recording the interview on the 23rd October with Kyle in the background.

You will see the On Air button to click just to the right of the KAJO 1270am logo.


It will have Kyle Dunlap’s name on it when you “tune in” at 12:45 PST later today.


19 thoughts on “Just in case you missed my previous promotion!

    1. Hariod, yes that’s correct, and thank you. I believe the exact start of the interview is ten minutes to the hour. Ergo, 20:50 UK time. But with adverts and chatter I can’t vouch precisely for the start time.

      Mind you, blink and it will be gone. It’s just 5 minutes of airtime!

      Thank you so much for your interest, Hariod.

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      1. Paul, it went fantastically well! You sounded wonderfully self-assured and engaging. I never realised you were a Commodore distributor (C64 was it?). And how amazing that you and Jean were born within 23 miles of one another! I was based at Ealing W5 for a while, just a stone’s throw from you in Acton of course. Good luck with the launch at Oregon Books on Saturday, as well as the signing on Sunday. Great job, well done!


      2. Oh, I knew Ealing very well back many moons ago. Thank you for all that you wrote and, in general, for your support in so many ways. The weekend beckons! (Just returned from putting up event posters in a number of local Grants Pass stores!)

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