“Fido, may I have this next dance?”

Is there no end to the relationship between our dogs and us!

The BBC recently carried a gorgeous news item under the heading of: ‘Fido, may I have this dance?’: The women who dance with dogs.

Meet the women who spend years training their pooches to pirouette, plié, and polka – in the competitive global sport of Musical Canine Freestyle.

Spanish film maker Bego Antón has travelled across the USA documenting this curious, and heart-warming, hobby.

She spoke to BBC World Update’s Dan Damon about the skill and practice – and good humour – involved.

Luckily, in this interconnected world we now live in, the BBC video interview made it on to YouTube.

Let me close with a further photograph.


Rather produces a new twist to that old expression, “He dances as if he had two left feet!”

See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on ““Fido, may I have this next dance?”

  1. wonderful post Paul, lovely to see..
    Sorry I am having to leave my comment here with my Gardening blog.. I was spammed today I left too many comments on one blog LOL.. is the reason I think.. so until it gets sorted I will let you know you are not forgotten ..
    Great Post very enjoyable Sue xx


  2. Good morning Paul. I just left a comment on this post, using my main blog.. And I am obviously still being spammed.. so if you could fish me out of your spam box I would be grateful and Unspam me please it would help me loads..
    I have been in touch with the powers that be.. and they emailed me back sending me a form to fill in..via a link.. they can not see why it happened but are going to look into it..

    Sign… In the mean time its time to get on with more Knitting LOL 🙂 I can not receive your replies to this link, A word press thing when you have two blogs I think.. So if you find me in the spam, could you please let me know on my own site.. Again thank you Paul..
    Enjoy your weekend both of you..
    Sue xx


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