Picture parade one hundred and fifteen.

The openness of dogs, and cats, to new ways of living.

Today’s picture parade needs a short introduction.

When Jean and I moved from San Carlos in Mexico to Payson, Arizona, we came with twelve dogs and seven cats of which all but one (Pharaoh) were rescues from the Mexican streets over the years; many from before Jean and I met each other.

That was five years ago and, inevitably, some of the dogs and cats have died of old age.

Since we arrived here in Merlin, Oregon, three years ago this October, the five cats we came with have been living in our largish double garage that, as you can imagine, is pretty cold during the winter. One cat died last year and Jean and I were thinking how nice it would be to bring the remaining four cats into the house.

Thus, just over a week ago, we brought two of the cats, George and Mitts, across to the house and the following pictures reveal a little of how that has gone.

Wow! What's this that Mummy is holding?
Wow! What’s this that Mummy is holding? A guess at what Cleo could be thinking!


Jean combing Mitts very soon after it came into the house much to the interest of Cleo and Sweeny (whose head can just be seen by the edge of the table). Mitts has not a single tooth in her head, by the way.


Little Pedy was totally nonchalant about the arrival of Mitts right from the start.


As this photograph underscores.


Hedy just as happy with ???
Pedy is just as happy with George.


The cats have adopted my office as their new home.
The cats have adopted my office as their new home, with Mitts demonstrating how to fit a cat into a small bin!


Meanwhile, George has found his resting spot under a small table.


But not if the vacant settee in the den is free.
But not if the settee in the den is vacant.


Plus, a sunny area of the carpet suits Mitts better than the bin.
Plus, a sunny area of the carpet suits Mitts better than the bin.


I hope to update you with the news of how the final two cats make the transition into the house in two or three weeks time.

9 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and fifteen.

  1. I really wanted to take in a local street cat, absolutely beautiful. My neighbour, who is the proverbial cat woman, took him in, but he was proving difficult and offered him to us, but Pippa was alive back then and he was the Cat Chasing Monster from Hell. We just couldn’t see it happening. Pippa would so not have been Cleo!


  2. Pedy is gorgeously chubby!

    It’s takes time and patience (and eyes on target) to get the dogs used to the cats. We haven’t failed yet, although we did have one near miss with our eldest cat and the new shepherd… which was when I discovered the cat’s secret last ditch Weapon of Mass Destruction, the Doomsday Device: Explosive Crap.

    Unfortunately, i had to dig a grave yesterday for my father-in-laws cat of 19 years, Gordo. It never get’s any easier.


    1. Jean believes that Pedy must, at one time, have been with a family that also had a cat, for he is so comfortable with George and Mitts. So sorry to hear of the death of Gordo but, nevertheless, a grand age.

      That so perfectly resonates with the chapter that I have just read in your book: THE EARTH, A WELCOMING KILL ZONE. Read out parts of that chapter to Jean and we both found it very profound. Albeit, darkly so but still very insightful. Can’t wait to finish the book and write up a review. What with you and Matt Rave, I will never quite see the world in the same way again!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. George and Mitts are looking quite comfortable and making themselves at home. May the assimilation continue without too much stress.
    Love that “cat in a bin” shot 😉


  4. What a huge challenge, helping an outdoor cat become an indoor cat. My friends in Santa Cruz inherited several outdoor cats, which now live on clever tryouts during the day and are brought into to a bedroom at night. Due to the drought the dangers of attack from wild animals has increased for pets.


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