The truth about Pit Bull dogs.

Like all dogs, they are beautiful animals.

Previously, I have mentioned the authors’ group AIM, that meets monthly in Grants Pass.

One of the authors is Frank Morin and he and I have a monthly chit-chat lunch together. Not so long ago, Frank posted a link on his Facebook page to the following video that shows the truth about Pit Bull dogs.

We have a Pit Bull here at home. His name is Casey and he is the perfect gentleman. You would never know that he was in a care centre for over a year because no one would give him a home, for there is not an emotional scar on him!


Ruby behind Casey.
Casey, in the foreground, sharing Ruby’s bed as they are great friends.

Please ensure you and your dogs have a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “The truth about Pit Bull dogs.

  1. Hi Paul
    Casey and Ruby – gorgeous. I just got a rush of oxytocin looking into their beautiful eyes…

    – Margaret, Tasmania, Australia


  2. All dogs are beautiful and friendly by nature. Pit Bulls are among the sweetest and most kindhearted and have suffered probably the most because of dog fights – hence ridiculously misunderstood. On top of that there are Breed Specific Laws which unjustly add to their ‘bad image’. As October is Pit Bull awareness month, lets give them a thought!
    Some time ago I wrote a post about them here:
    Please give a pat on both those sweet heads [Casey and Ruby] 🙂


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