The bond between us and our dogs.

Here’s a wonderful tale of Igor the bulldog and his family.

As seen on Mother Nature Network:

Igor the bulldog had never spent a day without his family. From day one, he has been loved, doted on, and the center of the family’s attention. So when the family planned a vacation to a place where Igor couldn’t go, there was a lot of guilt and worry over how he would do on his own.

That’s when Igor’s dad came up with an amazing plan. While Igor would have to go into a kennel, it wasn’t going to be just any kennel. The plan was kept as a surprise for both Igor and the rest of the family, until it was time to leave. And what a surprise it was!

Friends, treats, bones and a home away from home is everything a dog could want! It also probably helped the family feel a bit better about leaving him behind. It’s not often people go to such amazing lengths to make sure their dog is comfortable!

Igor’s family came back from vacation and brought him back to the real version of home, but we’re pretty sure Igor won’t mind the next time they decide to head off without him!

Now enjoy the video:

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