Living longer and feeling better!

Can’t be more valuable aspirations than these!

Last Saturday, I published a post called Are you grounded? The essence of that post was that grounding our bodies on a very regular basis, as in daily, was the primary means of avoiding a wide range of illnesses. In that post was included the first part of a speech given by Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D. and I promised to include today the full speech.

So here are the videos including that Part One that was included on Saturday.  (I do hope I have them in order!)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

A simple heart-healing exercise

Sharing the “secret” for living longer 

The healing modality


These further items also could be of interest to you.

Dr. Sinatra has his own website that may be found here.

There’s a 90-minute interview of Dr. Sinatra by Dr. Mercola; see below.

And much more if you spend a short while exploring the internet.

2 thoughts on “Living longer and feeling better!

  1. I only had time to view the 2 min exercise vid Paul, Big smiles here as my Qi Gong takes in lots of the ‘Arm Swing’ so lets hope I live as long as those conductors! 🙂
    Happy Heart Health.. I also do tapping of head, chest too and rub the ear lobes …and rub the kidney area and tap there too to get the kidney energy flowing.. 🙂


    1. Last night was our first night sleeping on our earthing sheet. Will be writing a post next week offering our experiences. The other videos are most interesting. So hope you find time to watch them.


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