Then we were nine!

Yesterday we welcomed Smokey to the fold!

A few weeks ago Jean and I were invited to a social gathering with a couple who live about a mile further along Hugo Road.  We couldn’t help admiring their young dog; a delightful puppy by the name of Smokey.  Smokey appeared to be about ten weeks old and, despite being very puppy-like was, nevertheless, a sweet, friendly, young male dog.  Apparently, a mix of a Labrador and a Bordie Collie.

Anyway, last week there was a call from them to say that they were finding the puppy to be too much of a handful and were looking to find Smokey a new home: Did we want first refusal?

Thus it came about that yesterday morning Jean and I drove the short distance to collect Smokey and introduce him to the dog’s circus that is home for us all!

Naturally, the key question would be how would Pharaoh take to Smokey.

A few pictures to tell the tale.


Hello Smokey, I’m Jean and we are hoping you will come home with us and be part of our family.


Well, you certainly seem like a friendly little chap.  Let me carry you across to the car.


That’s Paul, your new Daddy!  Hold on tight; it’s only for ten minutes.


And here we are at your new home. Going to pop you into a dog crate so Pharaoh can come out and meet you.


So what do we have here? I’m Pharaoh and despite my age, I’m still the boss around here! M’mm, you seem to pick things up quickly!


Ah, that’s good my little friend. You may be young but you seem like a smart puppy. Welcome to the clan!

Many more pictures of Smokey successfully meeting the rest of Pharaoh’s ‘team’ but I will make those a special ‘Smokey’ set of pictures for this coming Sunday.

Let me close this by saying that as I write this post at 2pm yesterday afternoon, Jean is reading a book and about her, in perfect silence and contentment, are Pharaoh, Hazel, Cleo, Sweeny ….. and Smokey!

Smokey is a great addition!

18 thoughts on “Then we were nine!

  1. congrats! this is so exciting:) Pee sends her licks to Smokey and of course to all of the other lovely children and to their parents. So exciting – i cannot wait to read of his adventures!


  2. Aaahhwww Smokey is such a lovely pup!! And Pharaoh such a wise old man to guide that young thing through early life 😉


    1. Yes, you are right. All though we have had an early morning of ‘puppyhood’. But as I write this, the little lad is asleep against my right foot! 🙂 Thank you for your comment.


  3. Not to pour on the doggie parade, but what happened to the promised Monbiot essay on the nature of man? I was already licking my chops at the prospect of devouring whatever was in the way… Did I miss it?


  4. Smokey is such a lovely dog! I’m so glad that you both gave him a home! I know all about puppy troubles after starting to bring up Zina.


    1. Dearest sister, what a lovely treat to wake and find a comment from you. Within the short time that he has been with us he has adjusted very well. We have also decided to rename him from Smokey to Ollie. Fondest love, Paul. (Readers, Eleanor is my younger sister who lives in South Africa.)


  5. He is a very handsome pup!! Love the color of his eyes. Congratulations, so glad the intro went well!!
    Talk to you soon.


  6. Paul its lovely to catch up with your latest family member.. A delightful bundle of fun and energy by the looks of Smokey… .. Glad to see the Boss approved of him.. 🙂
    Sorry not been around this week, I had some Me time with paints 😉


    1. Sue, ‘Me’ time is always vitally important. So your apology is rejected! 😉

      Yes, Pharaoh took to Ollie, as we now renamed him, practically in minutes. Ollie is a very smart little boy yet open and loving.


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