Celebrating Ben and Ranger.

The joy these horses have given us.

It’s almost impossible, at times, to get one’s mind around life’s events.  I’m not wishing to be overly philosophical but, nonetheless, it doesn’t do any harm to muse from time to time about the nature of things.

Take our two rescue horses: Ben and Ranger.

They have now been with us for coming up to three months.  Considering how terribly they were treated before being rescued by Darla Clark of Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, it’s a privilege to experience the way that these two horses have so rapidly put their past behind them.

All of which is a preamble to this photograph taken just a couple of days ago.

Ranger (LHS) and Ben enjoying our open grassland.
Ranger (LHS) and Ben enjoying our open grassland.

Just look at their shiny coats!  Just look at them so happily munching away on the grass.

Now look at how they were not so long ago.

Ranger, when first seen in February.

Ranger, when first seen in February.


Ben2 when found
Ben as seen last October.

So back to present, happy times.

The last photograph is of Jean having just put a halter on Ranger so that the two of them can be taken in at the end of the day.  Ben follows Ranger in without the need of a halter.  Ben and Ranger are inseparable!



Tomorrow, the celebration of another beautiful animal!

16 thoughts on “Celebrating Ben and Ranger.

  1. I hate to admit it but pictures of horses in a similar state have been put on Irish tv, luckily most have been rescued. Ben and Ranger (great name; Ranger) look so happy now, lets hope they have forgotten about their bad experience.


    1. We hope so, as well. Ben had been treated the worst. When removed from his ‘owners’ by the local sheriff he was found starving, being beaten badly and being used as a target for someone with an air gun! His chest bears many small scars from the air gun pellets. G’rrrrr!


  2. Hi Paul,

    Just came a visiting and was halted by these glorious photographs. Horses embody such great qualities of trust, grace and power don’t they? What is it that makes them such a great friend of Man, I wonder? Specially when the latter species, as we know it ( and we should know!), can choose to behave quite contrary to those Equine qualities above….



    1. Dear Shakti,

      What a pleasure to wake and find your comment, and welcome.

      One of the endless pleasures of blogging is the way that connections between like-minded people are made, right around the world. Hope to see you here again, Paul.


    1. I’m sure there are thousands more who would do the same thing, given the opportunity. Indeed, I am certain of that.

      So good to have your comment, and trust all is well with you.


  3. What an uplifting demonstration of the power of love and tending well! Thank you and Jean for the good work you do. Also, I have been appreciating
    reading your blogs!


  4. I love looking into the eyes of horses – they are so expressive. Your Big Puppy Doggies are stunning and I am so happy they have found a home with you and Jean. If I had a Big Puppy Doggy (horse), I would have to buy a bigger couch:)


  5. Brilliant progress and they look so healthy .. You both have that Magic touch of compassion and healing and it is so reflected back by your animals… Much love to you both and its so good to see how Ben and Ranger are doing..
    Sue xox


    1. Thank you, Sue. To be honest, there’s no magic in it! Loving these animals is very easy. What I did not anticipate, not being a horse person, was how quickly they would respond, especially Ben. Jean was less surprised but then she has many years of rescuing and re-homing feral dogs from her years in Mexico.


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