Fight for the trees.

An update to yesterday’s post.

In the recent post Sing for the trees, Pedantry of the blog Wibble left this comment:

 don’t consider myself an envious type, but I have to admit to being jealous of your location there, Paul. Deer in the back garden! Amazing. I guess I’m lucky to see the odd squirrel. But (as usual) I digress…

Trees… yes. Were I King of the Earth my first edict would be to make it illegal to chop down any more trees anywhere for any reason, and to reward true reforestation efforts (while banning old-forest lumbering dressed up as ‘reforestation’).

As I’m not, the extent of my singing for the trees is limited to pledges on such worthy projects as Who Bombed Judi Bari? (less than subtle hint: just 39 hours to go, as I write).

Your first image above is wonderful, and is a terrific, healing counterpoint to the images I see elsewhere, such as in the clip below, of what we’re doing to our home, out of sight of most people. Thank you.

That comment also included this video:

I thought readers would be interested in learning more by visiting the Kickstarter Campaign page and just possibly offering whatever pledge you can afford.

The importance of this campaign was underlined by the fact that just last Wednesday my daughter Maija, son-in-law Marius, and grandson Morten visited the Redwood Forest as part of their holiday with us in Oregon.  Here are three of their pictures taken just two days ago.

Life-giving Redwoods.
Life-giving Redwoods.


That need lots of loving.
That need lots of loving.


From young and old alike.
From young and old alike.


So do whatever you can, please!  There are just 26 hours to go at the time of posting this: 9:10 am PDT.

Thanks to Pedantry for bringing this to the attention of LfD readers and followers.

8 thoughts on “Fight for the trees.

  1. Beautiful pictures of those amazing Gentle Guardians Giants…. I remember seeing some of these amazing trees in 2000 when I was in Canada, I did some tree hugging myself…
    Wonderful photos and I will be off along to one of your links 🙂


    1. Well done. Yes, Jean and I have made a very modest pledge!

      Refer, “Thanks to you and 142 other backers, Who Bombed Judi Bari? DVD Subtitles & Finishing Touches has been successfully funded.”


  2. When my own girls were toddlers I’d gather them up from the bustle of Palo Alto on the Bay Area Peninsula and we’d camp in the redwoods along the coast. They’d draw banana slugs to overcome their fear and intrigue of the bright yellow crawlers and then we’d lie looking up through the light in the trees. It may have been their first ineffable forest experience. We all live now in the Blue Ridge Mnts. raising the next generation but our love for the West Coast remains strong. Thank you Paul for this reminder with your wonderful pictures of family and forest.
    – Jana


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