Can you give a dog a home?

Please take two minutes to read this now.

Back over two years ago, when Jean and I were living in Payson, Arizona, I wrote a post called Tara’s Babies.  Here’s a flavour of that post:


Many who follow this Blog will know that my beautiful wife, Jean, is totally devoted to dogs, especially rescue dogs.  Over the years that she and her previous husband Ben lived in Mexico, Jean must have rescued at least 70 dogs.  Even today, we have 11 ex-rescue dogs enjoying a fabulous life in our mountain home here in Payson, Arizona.

So it was a big surprise to come across a dog rescue organisation called Tara’s Babies and find that their sanctuary is in our neighbourhood.

Photo by Wib Middleton

Here’s a description of the organisation taken from the local newspaper from September 9th, 2009.

By Alan R. Hudson
Gazette/Connection Correspondent
It has been nearly five years since Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare began rescuing animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Tara’s Babies operates a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary “off the grid” at the Ellinwood Ranch, near Young.


Anyway, Alan Hudson left a comment a few minutes ago to the effect that Tara’s Babies is closing.  Confirmed by going to their website.

The reason why this post is being published straightaway is because of the urgent need to find homes for 24 dogs.  Take a look at those dogs; please!

I’m republishing what you can read on the Tara’s Babies website – please share this news as far and wide as you can.  These dogs need good homes.


Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare

No Kill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Practice kindness, save a life…change the world

Tara’s Babies began in 2005 as a desperate cry from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina left thousands of dogs and cats, homeless and suffering. Our founder sent a crew of volunteers to search the flooded buildings for animals in need. We rescued 17 dogs and a kitten. and thus began Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare (TBAW).

While down there, we paired with Best Friends and arranged an airlift to bring 150 dogs and cats from Tylertown, MS to Phoenix, AZ. Waiting at the airport when we arrived was a cattle transporter, volunteers and SUV’s to take the animals to Dakini Valley, AZ.

Our sanctuary at Dakini Valley is located on 157 acres in the remote Hell’s Gate Wilderness. Here the dogs and cats were cared for with love and attention three full-time volunteers until every one of the Katrina dogs were re-homed or found forever homes, with the exception of 15 dogs who were non-adoptable needing lifetime sanctuary. As the original Katrina animals were placed, we found our true mission evolve into saving animals from death row.

Since then we have worked tirelessly networking with other rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries to continuously save dogs from death row. Connections were made as far as Taiwan! Pipi, a Taiwanese dog, was brought to our sanctuary through this connection.

We have had as many as 71 dogs at once at the sanctuary. Even those dogs considered non-adoptable, who are human or dog aggressive, have benefited from the peaceful surroundings of the land and our love. These dogs have demonstrated good behavior with their caretakers and some have even been paired with a companion dog.

Due to unforeseen medical and other issues we lost our director and several volunteers bringing the number of volunteers down to only one. Out of concern for the safety of the dogs coupled with ongoing financial difficulties, the Tara’s Babie’s board made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to close our doors.

We will continue to lovingly care for each of the dogs until ALL are placed.

Please help the remaining dogs at the sanctuary. Click HERE to see them!. If you can help us with adoptions or placement in another sanctuary please contact us at or call 928-301-1392. You can also visit our Facebook page for photos and stories.


(Tara’s Babies sanctuary is located outside Payson, Arizona. Most administrative and support operations are in Sedona Arizona. The telephone number is 928-301-1392. Leave a message.)

Once again, if there is anything you can do, please be in direct contact with Tara’s Babies.  Feel free to leave any comments or news here.

Thank you so much.

5 thoughts on “Can you give a dog a home?

  1. I have 15 still(dogs) and always a cat will wander up (only 12 this time of year for some reason)
    the deer come, hungry and hurt…11 geese now make my little acres home….oh and Lady and Maya my 2 wolves)
    I would love to take all of them, but I cannot, I did share ….for I know how heartbreaking it is not to be able to help in any other way….
    I send whispers on the wind for their wonderful hearts to be rewarded in receiving the help they need…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…


    1. Jean and I feel the same way; we would love to take them all. Let’s all pray for the protection of these dogs and for the safety of the thousands of feral dogs out there.


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