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A rare request from Learning from Dogs asking if you will vote on behalf of a dog rescue centre.

Many who follow this Blog will know that my beautiful wife, Jean, is totally devoted to dogs, especially rescue dogs.  Over the years that she and her previous husband Ben, who died in 2005, lived in Mexico, Jean must have rescued at least 70 dogs.  Even today, we have 11 ex-rescue dogs enjoying a fabulous life in our mountain home here in Payson, Arizona.

So it was a big surprise to come across a dog rescue organisation called Tara’s Babies and find that their sanctuary is in our neighbourhood.


Photo by Wib Middleton



Here’s a description of the organisation taken from the local newspaper from September 9th, 2009.

By Alan R. Hudson
Gazette/Connection Correspondent
It has been nearly five years since Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare began rescuing animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Tara’s Babies operates a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary “off the grid” at the Ellinwood Ranch, near Young.

A few dogs from the dark days of Katrina still remain and many more have been added since. This is no normal animal rescue however: It is operated by three very dedicated and compassionate ordained Buddhists.

Kunzang Drolma, a Buddhist Nun and the director of Tara’s Babies, graciously invited the Connection to spend the afternoon at the facility. When we arrived, she was (as we had anticipated) wearing her Shamtab—the traditional Buddhist robe—as she fed her canine adoptees.

From that article Drolma explains:

“Katrina was a catastrophe that threw it in everyone’s faces but ultimately, every day, hundreds of dogs and cats are being euthanized in shelters because there’s not enough space for them—just because they were abused, homeless, old or sick. And so that’s when we just moved straight into this process of being a no-kill rescue and sanctuary. We will never euthanize.”

What’s needed, explained Drolma, is a paradigm shift. One that is so profound that shelters will become a thing of the past. While euthanasia is something that Tara’s Babies does not agree with, the solution lies at a higher cultural level.

Frankly, my view is that we need solutions to so many of life’s problems to come from a ‘higher cultural level’ but this Post is about helping Tara’s Babies raise more funds to help their mission.  It’s easy for any of you to help.  You can do it now from your computer.

Go here – http://www.tarasbabies.org/pepsi_refresh.html and read.  If you need convincing of the purpose watch this video (the one at that last web page or direct from YouTube as below).

And from that web-link you can read:

Feel free to copy and personalize the following paragraph to send to your friends:

“Have you heard about Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare, a No-Kill Dog Rescue and Sanctuary in Arizona? They started rescuing dogs left homeless and injured by Hurricane Katrina, after their founder, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, felt compelled to act on seeing the devastation and suffering in the Gulf. They have continued rescuing dogs on death row in overcrowded shelters ever since.

Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare is working to win a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant by receiving the most votes for their project in the month of January. The grant will allow them to improve the care they provide to dogs at their beautiful, off-the-grid Sanctuary.

I am going to help Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare by voting for them daily in the Pepsi Refresh grant program and hope that you will too. Please visit www.tarasbabies.org to check them out. You will be able to sign up from their website to support their application to Pepsi Refresh.

The dogs need your vote!”

Here, here!  It’s very quick to initiate and then each day all you need to do is to add your daily vote – a few seconds of your life exchanged for the rest of the life of a dog that, otherwise, would have nowhere to go!

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Tara’s Babies

  1. (Received by me a few moments ago)

    Yesterday we were unplaced in
    The Animal Rescue Site, now we’re
    #9 in AZ and 266 overall!
    Thank you for VOTING : we CAN win!!

    1. Click here – http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=3
    2. Click on the Purple Box “Click Here to Give, its FREE”
    3. Click on thje link in the box at the top of the page “Vote Now”
    4. Search for “Taras Babies” in “AZ”
    5. Click on “VOTE”
    6. Prove you are a human being and not a Bot by identifying an animal!
    7. Click on “Confirm Vote”
    NB: You only have to do Step 4 – Search – the first time you vote. The site remembers Tara’s Babies for you!


  2. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for sharing this. I loved the video. I was moved in several ways. My heart must be shaped like a dog. I appreciate being able to do something because I can’t donate money, but I can vote, so I did.

    Tara’s Babies is an awesome place!


    1. Thanks DK, you’re an angel. As I mentioned elsewhere, Jean and I will visit the Sanctuary as soon as it may be arranged, and I will report back via the Blog. Paul


      1. No problem, I enjoyed learning about Tara’s Babies. I’m wondering though, are people supposed to vote daily for the rest of the month?


      2. You should be getting an email each day that facilitates the daily voting process. That’s how it has been for me – seems to come in around 16:00 Mountain Time.


  3. I understand that they are closing now. It was lovely talking with Kunzang and Kamil.

    Alan R. Hudson


    1. Alan, what sad news.

      But thanks, so much, for sharing that. In fact, I’m going to publish a post in the next few minutes covering this sad situation.



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