Sometimes the meaning escapes us.

Much more than a house move.

Today, the 4th January, we have been at our new home in Oregon for exactly 72 days.  We knew there would be many differences between Payson, Arizona and Merlin, Oregon all of which could be described as objective, factual differences.   However, what was unexpected were the deep, complex emotions associated with moving to this rural part of Josephine County, Oregon.  We were utterly unprepared for that.

In fact, I have been staring at this screen for some time unable to put any structure or meaning to this post.  So I’m not going to try anymore, just offer some photographs and my reflections in the hope that you can sense where I am coming from.


The Winter storm that came in on the 20th December was, according to locals, unprecedented.  We lost our power from the 20th until just before Christmas Eve.  It caught us unawares in terms of being ready for this type of winter event.  But then the sun came out one afternoon and I took this picture.


It shows the flank of Mt. Sexton, the picture being taken from our deck in front of the house.  I found it impossible to describe the effect that this natural beauty had on me; being in awe just scratches the surface of my feelings.

Moving on.

We have been working hard preparing stables in readiness for two miniature horses that we have purchased from our neighbours, Margo and Clarence.  Last Tuesday, we were busy at this when I saw another breathtakingly beautiful sight.

Just some growth on the top of an old fence post.  But the words utterly fail the image.  Here it is.


Then about an hour ago (yesterday), while struggling to write this post, I heard the dogs barking in the bedroom next door.  Went into the room and they were ‘speaking’ to some wild deer grazing our pasture land.


Wish I could wrap this all up with some profound view, some wise observations about life and the meaning of the universe!

But I can’t!  Can’t make any sense of it at all. How did we get here?  How did I meet Jeannie, this most precious woman, back in Christmas 2007? How did I sell up and walk away from Devon, England, with just Pharaoh by my side, to start this unbelievable new life with Jean and all the dogs?

Anyone know the answers?

“The silly old sod does mutter on at times!”


19 thoughts on “Sometimes the meaning escapes us.

  1. Thanks for beautiful pics. Is that a new GSD pup with Pharaoh?
    Thanks for asking some of the most important questions a person can ask.
    I believe that the quality of our questions determines the quality of our lives in the end.
    I also believe the answer to such questions have real answers that are more than merely one’s particular perspective. Bertrand Russell, self-described atheist, wrote that unless one assumes that there is a god, then the question of life’s purpose is meaningless. My experiences and I think yours says that life is not meaningless. And that leads me to a conclusion on which I am staking my life. My hope is that you find the answers. They are not fantasies or fairy tales. The biggest clue word I know is agape. Dean


    1. Dean, welcome and a Happy New Year.

      The pup is Cleo. She joined us before we moved and is turning out to be the most beautiful dog. Now coming up to her first birthday.

      Your profound words could be the trigger to another post! But, firstly, I will have to remind myself of the meaning of the word agape.

      Big thanks for such a thoughtful reply. Paul


  2. Less is more. Fantastic post; and brilliant photo of moss on fence post. Go to top of class.


  3. Judging from the photos you take, I can see that you love nature and animals a lot. Do you belong to those who are ‘green’ – using solar energy, using only LED lights, and all those that can be quite expensive but energy-saving green stuff ?


    1. Both Jean and I are concerned about where mankind is heading. No better articulated, if you will forgive me, than in the welcome page:

      “As man’s companion, protector and helper, history suggests that dogs were critically important in man achieving success as a hunter-gatherer. Dogs ‘teaching’ man to be so successful a hunter enabled evolution, some 20,000 years later, to farming, thence the long journey to modern man. But in the last, say 100 years, that farming spirit has become corrupted to the point where we see the planet’s plant and mineral resources as infinite. Mankind is close to the edge of extinction, literally and spiritually.”

      We left Payson, Arizona because of our concerns about the future of the water supply.

      In Payson, we installed a solar PV system but there was plenty of sun. Indeed, the PV system more than supplied all our electricity needs.

      Here, the climate does not favour solar so much. We were thinking of researching a geothermal system but have parked that, simply because our electric company, Pacific Power, offer the option of buying all one’s electricity from sustainable sources. That is what we have signed up to. Plus wherever we can in the house we are installing the most energy-efficient items.

      We do have the land to grow our own vegetables, which greatly interests us. Perhaps work with our neighbours to form some sort of co-operative so we can grow the best mix of vegetables and fruit for the community. Just an idea at the moment.

      Hope that answers some of your questions.

      Best wishes, Paul


    1. Thank you so much, Ruth. I continue to marvel at the wonderful connections that this new world of writing makes for us. Your own blog is one that I will most certainly follow. Best wishes, Paul


  4. Paul you and Jean are surrounded in a beautiful Valley of Natures Gifts… I see she is sharing her beauty with your hearts as you give back to Natures Creatures your love and devotion… Now I absolutely loved This set of Photos… Thank you so much for sharing and 72 days Already WoW time is speeding by..
    Best wishes for 2013


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