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Sometimes the meaning escapes us.

Much more than a house move.

Today, the 4th January, we have been at our new home in Oregon for exactly 72 days.  We knew there would be many differences between Payson, Arizona and Merlin, Oregon all of which could be described as objective, factual differences.   However, what was unexpected were the deep, complex emotions associated with moving to this rural part of Josephine County, Oregon.  We were utterly unprepared for that.

In fact, I have been staring at this screen for some time unable to put any structure or meaning to this post.  So I’m not going to try anymore, just offer some photographs and my reflections in the hope that you can sense where I am coming from.


The Winter storm that came in on the 20th December was, according to locals, unprecedented.  We lost our power from the 20th until just before Christmas Eve.  It caught us unawares in terms of being ready for this type of winter event.  But then the sun came out one afternoon and I took this picture.


It shows the flank of Mt. Sexton, the picture being taken from our deck in front of the house.  I found it impossible to describe the effect that this natural beauty had on me; being in awe just scratches the surface of my feelings.

Moving on.

We have been working hard preparing stables in readiness for two miniature horses that we have purchased from our neighbours, Margo and Clarence.  Last Tuesday, we were busy at this when I saw another breathtakingly beautiful sight.

Just some growth on the top of an old fence post.  But the words utterly fail the image.  Here it is.


Then about an hour ago (yesterday), while struggling to write this post, I heard the dogs barking in the bedroom next door.  Went into the room and they were ‘speaking’ to some wild deer grazing our pasture land.


Wish I could wrap this all up with some profound view, some wise observations about life and the meaning of the universe!

But I can’t!  Can’t make any sense of it at all. How did we get here?  How did I meet Jeannie, this most precious woman, back in Christmas 2007? How did I sell up and walk away from Devon, England, with just Pharaoh by my side, to start this unbelievable new life with Jean and all the dogs?

Anyone know the answers?

“The silly old sod does mutter on at times!”