More seeing life

Sent in by John H.

As he wrote,

This is why we cannot let our newspapers go out of business… the light entertainment they provide is priceless!

Just wonderful – thanks John.

12 thoughts on “More seeing life

  1. This was equally funny the first time you posted it 🙂

    Or am I just suffering from a major case of deja-vu?


      1. I’ve been looking but can’t find it – but I am absolutely sure I have seen these newspaper clippings before (or have you posted something very similar in the past)? It doesn’t really matter as one never tires of seeing stuff like this… 🙂


      2. Phew – I am not going mad!

        Installment 2 of Andrew Marr’s History of the World coming up…


  2. Thanks Huitzilopochtli that it is not the first time we are being reminded that humor is priceless. Humor is central to thinking, as it reveals how relative logic is. I was laughing so hard, I could barely read. Reminded me of Abrahamists ordering us to treat children well.


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